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3251 Malcolm Drive
Montgomery, AL 36116
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It has strong academic background and staff is excellent

Help kids focus on the subjects

Very impressed with our “family” mtg!

My son loves going and loves the teachers - the individualized instruction and attention has helped him greatly. He is building his self confidence in the classroom.

The one on one option is pricey, but you get what you pay for. Our son raised his overall score 4 points and his confidence soared! I believe the tutorials reviewed everything necessary systematically in the most effective way. It is well worth the cost and we wouldn't hesitate to recommend Huntington.

The Huntington staff members are very friendly, helpful and accommodating to busy changing schedules of parents and students. They truly care about making sure that the students learn and progress through their individually personalized programs.

Montgomery, AL
One on one tutoring, and the staff are very knowledgeable about the subject they teach.

Fair and qualified


I like that I receive feedback from the teachers on my child improvement .

Great service and friendly Staff

The center in Montgomery, AL is professionally managed and staffed with friendly educators. Christy is personable and a "straight-shooter". She is knowledgeable and has a very direct approach - which I LOVE - as it was most beneficial for helping our senior focus on his standardized test preparation and explaining the importance of optimal test scores for HIM based upon his desired college choices. As a Mom, our son could not hear advice of parents; perhaps after living under the same roof all their lives, and becoming tone deaf as a teen. He listened to Christy and her insight was on point. When our son's first post-Huntington tutoring test scores were not ideal, Christy willingly met with us and provided her recommendations for optimizing our son's test scores. She also listened to my request and suggestions. During that meeting - I learned of the detailed notes taken by tutors - truly impressive! So, the results....our son's ACT score improved from a 22 (first attempt with no ACT prep) to a 32. His reading score improved from a 25 (first attempt with no ACT prep) to a 36 - yes, that's a perfect score! Yes, it's costly; however, even the best public schools may not be able to provide individualized guidance. And, the benefits (with effort put forth by your child) will truly pay off with scholarship awards.

The time they spend one on one with the students. My son has truly showed improvement with his math and reading since being with Huntington.

Want my daughter to succeed. Tutors are happy to help and genuinely care.

I like the individualization. I like the one-on-one support.

I look for results.

I like that my child loves to go to tutoring. She leaves feeling more confident. The staff are friendly and always open to listen to your concerns. It’s s great place!

Flexible service hours and quality learning experience.

Everything! My child loves coming.

We love HLC. My daughter spends 2 hours 4 days a week there after school and does not complain. She always leaves with a smile on her face. The staff and administration keep us informed on her progress and make any adjustments where they are needed. They are the BEST and I have already told many friend and family members about how special this organization is.