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They are flexible to schedule class hours, my kids are happy with the help that are receiving from Huntington, they feel they are learning. Thank you !!!!!

My child is building confidence through each session at HLC NYC. Also, they offer an environment where kids are comfortable in a learning setting with caring tutors and staff as well. I look forward to the best developmental academic growth for my child(ren) while learning at Huntington Learning Center NYC. I recommend them very often, possibly everyday to anyone who knows a person who may need an academic tutor in a good setting with results.

Staff & Tutor were excellent

My son like it and he’s learning too

To whom it may concern First off I want to say I'm so happy my daughters have this opportunity.. they have been struggling in school for quite some time now. There were times when my oldest daughter will call me from school crying and my youngest daughter begging me to not send her back to school.. me trying to figure out what to do next... having meetings with the teachers getting promotion in doubt letters back to back... both my daughters have built up their confidence.. I love the fact that its a one on one tutoring my 9th grader comprehension is getting better and it has also helped my 5th grader with her speech & much more im proud to tell my family and friends both girls are receiving help from Huntington Learning Center .. ❤🌏🎓 so grateful Ps. my girls cannot wait to go back to school Thank you From a happy mom

New York, NY
My son is making good progress with the tutorial service. I am very happy.

Meeting my daughter where she at and work from that

She’s just started but I’m plead this far

I'm happy I reach out to Huntington they staff I must say have outstanding professionalism always make you feel confident and comfortable which I loved they service is absolutely great glad I chose Huntington for my son

Bronx, NY
My son is doing much better at Reading Writing math has improved more than last year it's a great place for kids to learn and pick up their grades.

I like the method that is used and I do see a change with my daughter

The feedback on the student's progress is helpful . You work with the parents to adjust schedule changes and adjust the focus on the work to support what the child needs and also what is expected at school - a great balance when needed.

Far Rockaway, NY
I love the one on one approach that each child gets . The teachers have a passion for the kids to let them learn . They start on your child’s educational level and slowly build ., Snd not move on until a skill or subject is mastered .

The INDIVIDUAL tutoring one on one with the kids

Huntington has brought my child up to grade level in almost a year...and he was two grade levels behind...the communication is great with the staff.i would suggest this learning facility to anyone whose child is struggling with their academics.

Extremely professional ,excellent communicators and I definitely see a huge amount of progress with my son since he been attending Huntington lMarch 2018. I will refer all parent that has a child that struggling with their Academics to Huntington...

Patience with the students

The fact that my son is confident when he reads.

the one on one sesstions