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13526 Village Park Drive
Orlando, FL 32837
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Hours of operation and friendly knowledgeable staff.

Orlando, FL
Great program!

The center director, Dr. Oz, and the tutor, Mark, were excellent and caring about the success of our son. They had a great rapport and inspired confidence.

Orlando, FL
They are very professional and thorough in their assessments and tutoring.

The time taken to explain the services and it was accurate. My son has shown great progress.

Kissimmee, FL
I appreciate the curriculum flexibility. If something isn’t working, they engage the parents and student and change it up. They are results driven and want the student to succeed. If your child is struggling in school, this approach is priceless. Huntington will find a way for subject matter to be absorbed and processed by your child. As a beneficial plus, the tutors are exceptional!

Orlando, FL