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Flexible, great service, and good tutors.

Sierra Madre, CA
Abigail is a great AP Physics/AP Calculus tutor. Our son's grades have gone up after just a few sessions with her.

Love the professionalism and great tutoring services provided to children. I would recommend someone considering tutoring services to consider Huntington Learning Center.

Don and his team are amazing! Scheduling is easy and flexible and the tutors create a rapport with the kids. They create a program based on your child’s assessment or you can ask them to work on specific areas. We highly recommend HLC Pasadena!

Great service

I like that they work to meet each individuals need and flexibility with scheduling

The one on one student and tutor teaching.

Great center to work with. The staff and tutors are very nice. Good tutors, flexible, and convenient schedules. The center loves helping the children.

The placement testing. Monthly feedback on progress

We appreciate all that this company has done for our child.

The assignments are tailored to my child's needs, you are very reliable, welcoming, and you help to provide free evaluations of his abilities. You are also willing to identify the providers that work best with my child.

Everything people vey nice and kind thank you for help my Daughter to be a better student

Los Angeles, CA
Personal attention to a students needs.

There are many tutoring centers in the area and we had tried a few others. Each student may have his or her own learning style but we find HLC works well for our student. Our student was given a comprehensive assessment test at the very beginning. The center director Don Mills (such an asset for HLC!) went through the results with us carefully, identified the strengths and weaknesses of our student, discussed his goals, and proposed a tutoring plan to help our student to achieve his goals. I found the assessment on point and the proposed plan helpful in filling the gaps. There is no homework and everything is done at the center, which is important for our student due to his very busy schedule. Periodically, we have conferences with Don to discuss the progress of our student and revise our study plan as needed. I wish I could say that after a few lessons my student miraculously achieved the perfect score for ISEE. But no, like most things worth pursuing, it took time, efforts, and at considerable expense, and the progress comes in dribs and drabs. Although HLC does not perform miracles, we see the improvements that our student made with the help of HLC. At the end, my student had scored 9 on each of the 4 ISEE sections (although not on the same test) and he ended up at a place we are all happy with. We also note the quality of our student's writing has also improved, which translate into better essays and more thoughtful school work. We trust Don's assessment and recommendation. Don, Jessica, and Christina are all great to work with and help us to find and work out the ever changing schedule with the right tutors due to our student's extracurricular activities. As a parent, I do not have much interaction with the tutors. But my student has no complaint. I think the comprehensive assessment test is invaluable for any parents or student to establish a baseline and understand the strengths and weaknesses of a student and would recommend HLC to help filling in the gaps.

I love that Jessica will aways try to accommodate my daughter with her favorite teachers. By pairing her with teachers she click with enables her to learn better, be more productive during her time and have fun and enjoy learning!

Professional and caring Easy to change hours to help balance school and soccer schedules/demands Thank you

The staff really cares for the kids and comes through with raising their grades.

I like that there is a lot of flexibility with family and school schedules. I like that the tutors really try to help the kids

Very flexible to adjust teaching style and tutors to accommodate different kids' needs.

Kind regard for children and families Focus on learning strategies Able to be flexible with my son’s soccer schedule. Thank you