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Pleasanton, CA
Very organized and great teaching.

The monthly progress about my child. The teachers that assist my child develop in knowledge.

They have been helping my 6th grade son for almost 4 months now. He has been learning so much and he feels confident. All instructors are very friendly and kind he said. He enjoy Huntington very much. Thank you for your support!!

As a parent it has never been easy to assess my child's progress - no matter how many times I re-read 1-2-3 Magic and other such parenting self-help books. I have read almost 5 such books over the last summer and I think I can consider myself an expert on my own abilities. And I think I just can't objectively assess my child. Forgive me if I generalize, no parent ever can. So, I have to find other adults - professionals - that can objectively assess my child and keep me and my wife honest on how things are. Huntington Learning Center in Pleasanton, CA is one such place that my 9 y.o. receives objective assessment and full support to overcome challenges in learning. It doesn't matter what the challenges are, because every kid has their own set of challenges - what matters is if we as parents can trust and work with professionals - who also are parents - and who can empathize and provide the constant feedback and advice. Under Mona's leadership this place operates with a great degree of efficiency and care for the children. I won't reveal too many details, but if you wanted to speak with me privately, I can help you see why I have written this feedback - it comes from the heart of thankful parents of a child who over last 8 months has grown more confident, resilient and competent compared to their older-self. Yes! It took eight months - when all we wanted to do was try it out for 4-6 weeks of summer.

We had a great experience at Huntington and my daighter got the help she needed to boost up her ACT scores. Thank you!

We are happy to be working with Huntington learning center in Pleasanton. They work with you to fit your needs. Mona worked with us not only to get my child stay on task and progressing well but also to keep him motivated.

Interaction with parents. I was updated about my child’s progress

My son prepped for his ACT and ended with a score of 33 overall! He got into most of the colleges he applied to due to his high ACT score. The teachers and staff are great and some of them have been here for over a decade which says about the quality of the place.

Pleasanton, CA
I like that it is targeted learning.

We are very happy with the care and quality of tutoring at Huntington in Pleasanton, CA. My daughter's English teacher, Mary, is wonderful. Mona is most helpful and passionate about helping families meet their supplemental learning requirements in competitive high schools today. Thank you.

Ben benefitted from the tutoring pgm and his SAT score was exemplary!!! The follow up by the pgm manager and tutors were consistent and they worked with Ben on rescheduling due to conflicts and ensured that the mock exams and feedback were at the right time prior to the actual SAT searing that gave him the confidence.

The personal care given to the students and their families; recognizing that students come with different needs and strengths.

My son has felt comfortable with the experience he's had so far and looking forward to the future days he has scheduled ahead.

I like the one-on-one format of the program and how they vote sessions to help with your sticky points. I think it will be very effective and helpful in helping raise my scores.

It is tailored to the needs of the kid.

It’s one on one and so far my reluctant son actually loves it. He asked if he could go on a Saturday.

The director is very knowledgeable and helpful.

The staff is amazing and took a personal interest in my child. I really felt like the curriculum was tailored specifically for my daughter. The different types of tools reallly helped my daughter's reading comprehension and strengthened skills by offering a 360 degree approach to reading, writing, grammar and vocabulary. I really appreciated Mona's follow up with all of Ashley's teachers. Her interest in Ashley's performance in school helped her better understand the kind of student Ashley is and gave her teachers an avenue of cumminication about Ashley that eventually got back to me. Without Huntington's interaction with the teachers, I would not have known information about how the school program/curriculum was going. We have seen a huge improvement not only in Ashley's test scores, but in her confidence as well. She made Principal's List and is one of the top students in all of her classes.