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731 Pleasant Grove Blvd. (Nugget Plaza)
Roseville, CA 95678
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The confidence that my son has built up over the past year. He comes home with a great attitude and prides himself with his reading and math skills. I think Mr. Doug does fantastic job in communication with the parents and students and knows each student independently on their personality and work skill. Thanks again for all your help with our son we will always remember this time at Huntington learning center.

The staff is caring, patient and kind. My son was really struggling to keep up at school, but also didn't want his parents to help him. The Huntington is Roseville was the best decision we ever made. He's more confident, happier and enjoyed going. I would highly recommend them!

We love Doug, Bill, Gary, Cassidy and Esther. So patient with our son, really seem to care about our son. To be honest, one person tried to steer us away from HLC, but we decided to take our chances, so far so good.

Huntington Learning Center is an amazing asset to our daughters academic success. She went from struggling with reading and spelling words, to skipping 3rd grade. We are over the moon at her hard work and Huntington's dedication. She has confidence in her self and her academics, and now her sights have landed on skipping 5th grade over the summer. She loves her achievement cards, and keeps them in a binder. Huntington has been amazing, I would highly recommend them to anyone who is considering academic help for their child.

It's is a really good invironment for learning and the teachers help the students out a lot and they are very polite.

My child always comes back feeling more confident and isn't oppositional to learning. He loves the teachers and the Director because they really care.

The summer program at Huntington Learning Center has tremendously helped prepare my daughter for the new school year. My daughter has more confidence, and her teacher even mentioned she's a step ahead of her class. It really makes homework a breeze. Thank you to Doug and the teachers at HLC!

Very friendly staff, great school!!

We have only been through the assessment process and had two sessions, but overall we have been so impressed. From initial communication to the thoughtfulness and kindness with which the staff conducts themselves, it has been a very positive experience for our son and us as parents, who were at a loss at how to help him learn positively and productively.

Friendly, patient staff. My daughter left her first day with a smile.

The Center Director is very communicative about the learning approach, methodology, and curriculum being used with the student. They are very good about providing regular progress updates on how the student is doing and asking how it is going at home for the child and parents. Our family appreciates that the center cares for both the intellectual and emotional well being and growth of the student.

Roseville, CA
Everyone is so helpful and nice. I love how the kids are made to feel so great about their progress instead of shame for not knowing the answers right away. I would recommend this company to everyone!

Personalized for the child and seems to go the right pace. I like that they are intentional about building confidence before challenging too much. It is being well received by our daughter and keeping her learning going in the right direction.

Our daughter is excited to go and when she is done she is excited to tell us about what she did.

Roseville, CA
Professionalism , time management and quality management.

Friendly staff and commitment to help kids build confidence, improve skills and have fun!

Roseville, CA
Amazing customer service, and all the staff knows everyone's names. My child academically has shown great progress since they started going to Huntington Learning Center.

The ability to help students be successful with their academic struggles and goals.

Great service and communication