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2723 Lexington Avenue North
Roseville, MN 55113
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Welcoming and friendly

they were able to help my child learning reading and also some math. My son was excited to always came and meet with he teachers so I kindly appreciated al the excellent teachers he work.

Saint Paul, MN
The service so far is good and rewarding. My son is picking up with some of those subjects that was was a challenge to him.

Great people to work with, my child enjoys learning more, and is doing well in school.

AJ has been an amazing math teacher for both my daughter and son. His grades have improved a lot. Thanks so much for your help.

Saint Paul, MN
The placement exams were worth to the extend that it gives me the courage to place my son in the school.

They were incredibly generous in working with our family financially. They picked the perfect tutor for our son. Our son is learning strategies and gaining tools not only for doing better on the ACT, but that he is also finding helpful and useful in his every day homework. Highly recommend!

My child didn’t know how to read and was below her grade level. Within view months she’s able to read and improving day by day. Wonderful team and the best tutoring. Thank you Huntington Learning Center. Thanks again, K!

Professional services, and the teachers make it fun. Has been a worthwhile and positive experience.

Saint Paul, MN
Individualized plans and tutoring

Personalized to my daughter’s needs. Ms. Laura is a fantastic teacher.

Great results,

It is child specific. She comes out happy and enjoys her time there.

Personalized services and kind staff.

Very responsive staff and teachers encouraging to my older child.

Dedicated and professional teachers and a great atmosphere for the kids to learn.

I have seen so much improvement in my son’s, reading and writing skills. That I have confidents he will succeed going into Middle school.

Positive and encouraging staff members. A fun environment for students to learn

Staff keep me informed about my child progress and very clear about curriculum.

you all meet the students where their at and work from that point to move in the direction where the student suppose to be.