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10195 Rancho Carmel Drive
San Diego, CA 92128
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Poway, CA
Huntington Learning Center to the rescue! My son has always held his own when it came to learning but 2020 was a curve ball that changed everything. He got behind and then overwhelmed. He was giving up, and as much as I tried to help him it seemed to be too little too late. We tried Huntington Learning Center and were absolutely amazed at the change. My son no longer felt overwhelmed. He had a starting point and then his grades started to improve. He finished strong and not only passed his classes but even had high grades. Thank you for all of your help! My son would not have made it with out the help of this institution.

My son started public school and was having difficulties because he came from a private school, his new public school class was a challenge for him. I placed him in Huntington to help him catch up to the grade level he needs to be at. His public school teacher wanted him to repeat the last grade level he finished but I knew he can stay with his class level because of the Huntington center support can help my son catch up. My son loves Huntington and has been learning with the help of his tutors. The staff at Huntington have been so helpful and patience with my son to get where he need to be so that he can bring those skills to his public school class.

My boys 8 & 6 just finished their first 4 lessons and they both loved it. So far so good.

Huntington learning saved the day! My son was falling way behind during the changes in learning during Covid. Thank you for turning things around for us!

Organized, professional.

I love everything! I love how my son gets the exact tutoring he needs. They make sure your child is being taught by the right tutor. They are very understanding and flexible with the schedule. I love consistent feedback on his progress and overall it's just a great system.

Great Director and Instructors. My son enjoys the instructors he works with and believes it is beneficial to him.

The staff The success

Everything! We have seen growth academically but more importantly the confidence in our daughter has grown so much. The staff are professional, warm and so caring.

San Diego, CA
Personalized coaching. All the staff are very nice.

We see results and love the staff.

San Diego, CA
Personalized coaching. Everyone at the center is super nice and is focused on helping.

Huntington helped my older son significantly raise his ACT score and is helping my younger son not only do better in school, but have more confidence in all aspects of his learning. Both of my boys like the teachers at Huntington and feel like the teachers have helped them a lot. I would highly recommend Huntington to anyone looking to help their kids work up to their grade or get ahead in school.

Customer service, fast response and very detailed. My son very satisfied with his tutor!!

From the beginning the staff have been warm and caring. They have made it fun for our daughter and are always communicating with us. It has built her confidence and something could be frustrating, going to more learning after learning all day at school, has become enjoyable for her!

Our son comes skipping out of there every week! I can already see the progress in just a month. He adores his teacher Miss Heather. His confidence is growing and we appreciate all you do!

Friendly, compassionate and you can tell they genuinely care. Ulrika and Laura made the program approachable and were willing to work with us to meet our and our daughter's needs.

I am satisfied overall!! Thank you

She is a good teacher. My daughter feels comfortable with her.

I have seen a big improvement with my daughter Cheng with her reading skills. Ulrika and the rest of the staff are great and very professional. I like the flexibility in the tutoring schedule and constant communication of feedback among the staff. I highly recommend this place if you have a child who needs that extra help in academics.