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Convenient location. Good scheduling. Professional, caring and thoughtful staff and instructors.

I appreciate the care and attention Huntington gives to my daughter. I appreciate the clear communication as we adjust schedules, try new methods of tutoring, and most importantly, the respect and belief in my daughter. I remember the day I walked into Huntington, in tears because I just didn't know how best to help my daughter. I left there feeling supported and that a plan could be created. I felt comforted that Huntington has successfully tutored so many other children with attention issues and that I finally felt like I was at a place that understood my daughter. I am very grateful that we have discovered this center when we did.

Huntington has been a life saver in the COVID - 19 situation that we are facing. With long distance learning being adopted for this semester, my sophomore found herself having to self study Math and Chemistry. Huntington jump started their online tutoring and provided the same quality mentoring that I am used to from them in those subjects to help my child understand her concepts. I was amazing to see how quickly they adapted to this new way of mentoring. I have been using this service from the time they launched it and have been very satisfied with this method of learning. I will recommend this to anyone looking for help / tutoring in these time of long distance learning. A shout out to Geethanjali .. I love the commitment and work ethic she brings to the table to help her students.

I have been very impressed by the high level of information and organized approach that the sire director, Geetanjali Bahl, was able to give us. As my daughter has ADHD, and we needed guidance on how to request accommodations and test preparation strategies, we were very happy to get this guidance and support from Huntington.

Great program, very organized way of assessing student's progress. I also like that the teachers are actually educators/former educators.

I am really impressed by Huntington Learning center commitment to make my child succeed at his SAT test.They have been extremely flexible and helpful in scheduling the classes, staying after hours and making sure he could get all his classes on time before the test.So far my child tells me all classes have been extremely helpful.I am also impressed by the quality and precision in assessing my child's needs to progress.We also continuously received numerous feedbacks both from administrators and teachers about our child's progress.I feel confident that working with Hutington Learning Center will pay back! Thank you.

Customized programs. Support teams

I like the commitment of the staff towards the students.

It’s a great assessment process to find a tailored plan for each student. Very impressive!

Excellent program with a great center Director in Ms. Geetanjali Bahl. Good teachers providing excellent one to one attention to our child. Good course curriculum as well.

Tailor curriculum to meet child’s needs.

Huntington has lot of good teachers for all the subjects. Both of my kids were benefited by the summer classes which gave them a head start before going to school. Geetanjali, who is the Director of this center is very knowledgeable and help you with the curicullam and schedule.

The curriculum is very robust and well organized. The group size is small enough to ensure appropriate attention and guidance is provided. The materials are high quality as well.

We would recommend Huntington, Geetanjali Bahl, and her staff without hesitation! They took a very difficult and stressful situation and created an environment of learning and confidence building for our son. He enjoyed going to Huntington's every chance he got. He enjoyed every teacher he had and the staff was very good at redirecting him when he became distracted. We thank them every day for their dedication to our son. In addition, they were very good at communicating the goals and talking to us on his progression. They were very transparent and we appreciated that. Thank you for everything! Barbra Heinig

Organized program with follow up testing to see where more emphasis is needed.