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It’s personalized

It is a personalize service

Spring, TX
Encouraging and helpful to the student.

Spring, TX
Tutors very knowledgeable

They were great! My son was able to learn skills and strategies to help him to succeed with the SAT.

The diversity of tutors. I’ve been pleased to hear from my son that he is working with a variety of people as he prepares for the ACT and SAT. Each of the tutors has their own subject strength. I also appreciate that the learning center cares about placing the student with tutors who are the best match - not only subject needs but personality as well.

The Woodlands, TX
My son is preforming a lot better in his courses due to 1:1 tutoring

I like how they work with you one on one and make your testing & studing environment comfortable.

Spring, TX
They are very goood with my son

So easy to set up and arrange. Very professional service and knowledgeable tutors.

Spring, TX
Effective educational process.

I like the feed back and updates. Communication is easy and efficient.

The Woodlands, TX
Nicole and Gloria are the most professional you can ever have. They hear your needs and adjust to your child. They are not « one size fits all ».

Spring, TX
I like how everyone is friendly and helpful to me and my son. Also, I love that after doing Huntington all summer for SAT Prep, my son took his SAT in October. His score went up nearly 300 points from the PSAT last October. This program works and is worth the money!

Starting from the basics and building up.

Spring, TX
Individual attention to each student

Tomball, TX
I like that the curriculum is flexible and customized for each child.

I love the 1 on 1 setting for the ACT prep. I love that everyone cares so much about the job they are doing. Jordan did absolutely wonderful on his ACT test to be a 7th grader. Most categories he increased over 10 points!!!!