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Recent Reviews:

Huntington staff are very professional and friendly. They have been the only ones that helped my kid with ADD. Thank you

My son is happy to learn now!! The staff is really nice and has a lot of patience!! My son is more confident then ever before!!!

I love the support my daughter gets. The staff is very courteous and they are amazing tutors/educators.

My son enjoys learning at Huntington.

Everyone is dedicated and very supportive. Thank you!

The thorough plan that is put together for my children, with the monthly progress updates and the pivoting when necessary is what I truly appreciate about Huntington's services. My children are getting what they need to be successful, not what people think they need, but what they actually need for success. They are seeing results and their confidence is growing. They are also receiving confirmation about what they thought they knew. That is also important.

Great tools required to set a child out is your edge

Child is making progress

Tried and true.

100% professional, from the presentation, to the explanation to the followup.

Excellent tutors and very good program, including online support.

The confidence that my son has shown since working with Huntington and pride he has in his work now is truly remarkable

My son is happier, talks about doing his homework and getting it done. He even gets up early to complete whatever he did not finish the night before, before leaving for school. He has never done that before. He is happy when he catches up on his classwork. He goes to school in a happy mood and is starting to care about being on time. I like the positive changes in him since attending Huntington Learning Center in Verona.

Effective one on one tutoring Would like more detail as to areas of focus needed but I understand my son needs to take another practice exam as he has had 4-5 weeks tutoring so there has been improvement - Thank you so much he is so much happier as he takes practice exams and is getting 48 out of 52 correct on reading comprehension -

Very clear information. Seems like a thorough approach to helping a student learn and improve scores.

I love the fact that each students get a teacher for their self so they get the attention and the help that they need