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Recent Reviews:

I love how nice and accommodating everyone is at Huntington Learning Center. My daughter has received tremendous encouragement and support.

Betsy is in the ball and very efficient.

My child has greatly benefited from receiving tutoring services offered from the Huntington Learning Center at Westwood. The tutor my child was paired up with had a background in tutoring different types of learners and was patient and encouraging while providing the intensive personalized instruction my child needed. Although having a dyslexia and ADHD diagnosis, my child is now in all advanced classes, on Honor Roll, and thriving in academics.

Very good service.

The staff is very warm and welcoming. They seem to care about my child’s success. They are accommodating with scheduling.

Betsy and Tyler are both excellent, my 17-year-old daughter enjoys working with them each week on her ACT tutoring. I know with both of their help she will be successful when taking the test. The overall service is outstanding and I cannot wait for the final results!

The tutors are very good at explaining the subject matter and give my kids a sense of confidence in their abilities. They are also very personable and kids feel comfortable working with them, asking them to repeat lessons if needed, etc

The staff and the curriculum

Level of care for students Level of responsiveness from tutors and center director

Great tutors who really care about my son. The staff is very responsive and get back to me right away.

I think it helps give my children confidence in school and they get less stressed when they have a test. This allows them to enjoy school better

The way you assess the dtudent to know what level they are and I like the one to one tutor, that way the student pay attention.

We have seen noticeable growth in our son's academics since beginning at Huntington. We are very impressed with the work they have done with him.

One on one personal attention to student needs

My son, Brandon attended Huntington for several months. He said the teachers were very nice & helpful. He felt very comfortable & prepared going into his last SAT Exam. The director was always able to help with his schedule as he does sports and his meets were unpredictable at times. Thank you Huntington for all of your help through this journey.

The customer service is GREAT and the pricing is not as high as other centers. So far we are experiencing an extremely professional service

So helpful, easy to work with when it comes to scheduling.

Betsy is an amazing tutor. She is patience, kind and so good with helping my daughter. She is always flexible and will make room in her schedule to help my daughter when needed. Everyone at Huntington Learning Center is friendly, warm and caring.

Betsy from the Westwood NJ office has been kind, caring and understanding! She has learned my sons strengths and weakness (immediately) and my son has only improved since he’s been with Huntington!! Our son came into Huntington in august of 2021 just before 5th grade. After being evaluated because of our own suspicion we were correct, our son was coming in to the 5th grade with the scholastics as a mid year 3rd grader, our son was very very behind! In 6 months Huntington helped our son get to the 5th grade level and build his scholastic confidence!! I would recommend Huntington everyday, all day long!!

My daughter is excited to attend the tutoring sessions, which makes it that much more successful of a learning environment. She is making good progress, which is great!