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5919 Oleander Drive
Wilmington, NC 28403
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Rocky Point, NC
Attentive to needs of learners. Well trained tutors. Address parents concerns and clear communications

Instruction is one on one and you take the time to get to know my child to know what he needs

The individualized programs and positive attitudes

Friendliness, organization, peaceful and quiet environment.

Flexibility and knowledgeable friendly people

Wilmington, NC
Helping our kids improve !!!

We have used Huntington for a number of years and our daughter has always loved her tutors. They are always friendly and have innovative ways they teach various lessons. I highly recommend them for any student needing assistance.

Kind, thoughtful staff who are truely there for the childs well being and success!

Wilmington, NC
The people that work there. My son started at a 2nd grade reading level and now he’s reading at a 6th grade level!

The personalized service and the enthusiasm of the staff

Rocky Point, NC
Great staff and flexible service. Knowledgeable tutors and practices of building confidence in my child

Great teachers.

Wilmington, NC
I like the study it’s private,full attention for kids, they get help and tips how to handle problems.

My daughter has been at Huntington for a period of about 2-3 years for tutoring and home schooling. She loves the one on one learning environment. It doesn't matter who teaches her she always has a positive experience. If she has trouble with anything, her teacher will review the technique with her until she understands it. Then the next time she goes to Huntington they will review what she learned the visit before just to reinforce the technique. We're love them all!!!

Wilmington, NC
Huntington easily accommodated our families scheduling needs. They work on both my children’s individual needs in the subjects they need the most help in.

The patience and overall interaction with our child, along with the one on one attention she needs.

Help tailored to student's needs.

Wilmington, NC
Huntington set up an individualized tutoring plan to fit my child’s Specific needs. They target the areas that need the most work for my child to be successful.

Wilmington, NC
That you take the time to help my son succeed in school and everyday life.

Thank you for all of your help with my son.