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Melbourne, FL 32940
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Merritt Island, FL
Kid-friendly, age-appropriate, great coaches, like how they teach qualities like being a team player, sharing, and good sportsmanship

Melbourne, FL
I like that the kids have fun. The staff is friendly and wants to help the kids.

Melbourne, FL
Patient coaches with my daughter and other kids who are new to the sport

Melbourne, FL
This program encourages sportsmanship, teamwork, confidence in learning as you play and reinforce that improving and contributing to the team is more meaningful than winning.

Melbourne, FL
My daughter has really enjoyed playing on the senior soccer team. The couches have been great with the kids and helping them learn the game. Everyone is very supportive. I plan to come back for more seasons.

Satellite Beach, FL
How happy everyone is!

Melbourne, FL
Wonderful program! Highly likely to register again in the Spring! Thank you for all of your dedicated time to ensuring our kids are getting these great experiences!

Rockledge, FL
We like the positive atmosphere and that it fits into our busy schedule.

Melbourne, FL
I like the kids and the parents.

Flexible schedule, organization, website, communication

Merritt Island, FL
Friendly helpful and caring. I think your program is awesome!

Palm Bay, FL
I love that it is on Sunday's and my son loves playing indoor basket basketball.

Rockledge, FL
I love the laid-back, fun atmosphere. Great communication and organization, even when faced with 2020 and uncertainty.

Melbourne Beach, FL
I love seeing the kids learn and work together, however there seems to be a lot of penalties being allowed this season that is going to get these kids hurt. I don't expect free throws or anything like that but the ref allows the kids to push each other over they don't know that's not allowed and they will continue to do it until someone gets hurt. They need to be taught the rules, that's part of the game.

Rockledge, FL
I love the staff that is there to help the coaches and ref the games. Not sure where you find them but they are professional and young. Very good i9!

Melbourne, FL
Great opportunity for the kids to have fun while playing

Cocoa, FL
A great learning environment for any child’s introduction to a new sport.

Viera, FL
Outstanding program and staff.

The staff are fantastic with kids and the, atmosphere is fun and just competitive enough to avoid bad sportsmanship while still promoting giving effort.

Rockledge, FL
We like the sportsmanship and that practice and game is together!