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Clinton Twp, MI
The coaches were excellent and so patience it was my children's first year ever playing (8 & 3.5) n they soared.

Utica, MI
The coaches and staff are wonderful!

Shelby Township, MI
How involved the coaches are with the soccer players and how they give all players the same play time

Shelby Township, MI
The coaches are very engaging towards the kids. Teaching the kids it's ok to have fun and learn at the same time!

Rochester Hills, MI
The program is very organized. We enjoy the i9 associate assigned to help out team. He has been really engaging with the kids and helpful since we didn’t end up having a coach. The layout of the field upon arrival and flags shown for getting to the location were well placed for little to no confusion.

Rochester, MI
We love the organization of the program, the communication, the patience of the coaching staff, the progression of skills taught, the consistency week after week, the “everyone plays” motto and the ability to differentiate between skill levels without making anyone feel inferior. We have absolutely loved i9 Sports and will definitely be back next season!

Macomb, MI
The kids are not rushed to play, they get plenty od playtime. The coaches are patient and nice.

New Baltimore, MI
Fun, easy way to learn and play sports

Shelby Township, MI
I like that everyone gets to play all positions. I like the sportsmanship values taught. I like the practice and game the same day. I really like coach Harvey and coach Kat at baseball on Wed. Nights. The male i9 staff for my son's team is very encouraging--ages 8-10 on Wed nights.

Shelby Twp, MI
The focus on fun and skill building rather than winning.

Shelby Twp., MI
Very inclusive, positive and fun!

Macomb, MI
Very organized, love reminder texts, staff is very friendly

Shelby twp, MI
I love how it’s more geared towards having fun than being competitive. They encourage them to do their best while trying to score a goal but the coaches also give positive feedback when missing a goal. Some kids still need to learn this type of play but with all the positive comments from coaches, hopefully they will catch on and encourage their teammates and also the other team!

Macomb, MI
This program is amazing. The coaches and staff are amazing. The kids learn so much. My son has advanced so much since joining i9 Sports.

Shelby Township, MI
Well organized. Positive reinforcement. Solid coaching. Great Experience for my daughter!

Macomb, MI
We love the set-up of practice and game back-to-back. The Staff are fantastic ~ very positive, encouraging, and patient. The Staff that has worked with our child’s teams are very good teachers. The coaches are also positive, encouraging, and patient. One of the main reasons that we signed up for i9 is the Values that are to be taught each time. Unfortunately a coach for one of our child’s teams does not present the Values. Values are key to sportsmanship and also so that players know the goal for which coaches are looking for as they give out the medals each week. Our child thinks that the “best players” receive medals- i.e. those who score the most points. Perhaps at the start of each game, the Staff member could do a quick Values talk. At the least say something like, “remember that that we’re watching for players who play with Integrity - meaning those who do the right thing even when it’s hard.”

cottrellville, MI
Wish there were other days and times for each sport, so my kid could be in 2 sports at once without having to go to a far location. My son loves soccer and baseball but has a hard time choosing between the two but has to because they are all ran at the same time and dates.

Macomb, MI
The coaches for flag football are awesome. They know the rules of the game and the kids are engaged.

Macomb, MI
I like that they practice and have their game back to back on the same day. Also they play all positions. It's nice for young children to try it out to see what they like.

Macomb, MI
I love that the basketball program has very friendly and enthusiastic coaches and staff who also participate along side with the players. The program engages the children to physical movement and skilled drills. During games everyone gets fair play and encouraged to pass the ball. The i9Sports has great communication and is always sending out emails to keep you informed of current and upcoming schedules. I had my child in other programs and camps that didn't meet my expectations and don't compare to i9Sports. I would definitely recommend this program to others.