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10319 Westlake Drive Suite 143
Bethesda, MD 20817
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Potomac, MD
Very good! My son likes it and wants to do it again!

Falls Church, VA
The focus on fundamentals and sportsmanship.

Rockville, MD
Great Instructors. He is great with the Kids with Basketball on Saturdays. I'm truly sorry I don't recall his name (he is the Black guy with the dreds). I truly appreciate how great he is with the kids and the extra push/nudge he gives my son.

Silver Spring, MD
Well run and coaches have a great attitude to work with the kids.

Rockville, MD
The coaches are fantastic, and the staff are excellent! I love the culture and support provided to all of the players.

Glenarden, MD
Coaches veey passionate about the kids

Silver Spring, MD
The children are not presure into the sport. It's an environment where children get to like the sport... and see what is that they really like. Also I like the idea of letting the parents to stay off the couch and the kids. Because some places the parents are so on top of the kids screaming 😱 to them that it all Because crazy 🤪

The coach - Coach Taylor is GREAT!

Washington, DC
My son really joys playing, has a blast

Spencerville, MD
Its a very good program, we did BasketBall, Soccer and quite impressive. Done nicely.

Germantown, MD
Great coaches, lots of different time and location options to choose from, and my son loves it!

Rockville, MD
Jon Siegle has been very responsive to my emails and I appreciate that!

Rockville, MD
Coach Wyatt and Coach BJ have shown such development with the kiddos over the past weeks of play. It has been really fun to watch our son grow in the skill. The only thing is that we often end early(sometimes the players get tired, so the coaches allow the early dismissal) and it seems that we should encourage playing until the end and also give the full time to allow children to maximize the time they are given to practice. Other than that, it has been a wonderful experience!!

Montgomery Village, MD
These are amazing programs!

Olney, MD
Great communication!

Rockville, MD
We participate in the flag football. It gives my son the basic knowledge of the sport without the contact. He is 11 and wants to play contact football. We know that waiting until 13 drastically lowers his risk of head injury. I-9 allows him to work many important football skills with major risk.

Potomac, MD
The coaches are great esp. coach dave he is great with kids!

Silver Spring, MD
Love the positive attitudes the coaches bring to each practice and game. The kids are really enjoying the program.

Very Organized

Olney, MD
I like the coaches and instruction. My kids have a lot of fun!