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Rockville, MD
Fun fir kids. Flag football coach is great

Rockville, MD
You guys keep providing activities for my children during this pandemic and seem to take the precautions necessary. But, honestly, I am just glad for some physical activities for my children and some safe socialization during this time. My kids look forward to soccer every week!

Silver Spring, MD
Respectful and nice. And my daughter enjoyed it

Gaithersburg, MD
The kids are having fun and they are learning the rules of each sport.

Clarksburg, MD
that coaches work with kids and help them improve. Very careful of the kids safety. It's a difficult time we are in with the Covid19 invading our lives, and the coaches and their workers are constantly working to keep them safe with hand sanitizer water break, and masks.

Rockville, MD
My kids love it, the coaches are wonderful. They really do bring the best of out of the kids and teaching them not only skills in the sport but also leadership and working as a team. This is our first time and I have not complaints. We are going to continue as long as we can.

Silver Spring, MD
I like how the drills introduce skills and then build up to really great games.

Brookeville, MD
Great coaches that really motivate my kids and make them have fun playing sports.

Washington, DC
The patient staff and kindness.

Olney, MD
I love everything!!! :)

Rockville, MD
I love the coaches. They are very helpful, disciplined and pay attention. What a positive environment!

North Bethesda, MD
Coaches are encouraging to the kids

Gaithersburg, MD
Lots of good coaches!

Silver Spring, MD
The coach was very patient and went at the children’s pace. He involved the parents and learned each child's name... He taught the sport and kept it fun! My son did soccer shots at 2years old and we were soooooo dissatisfied! The location was terrible and the coach didnt really even try or care to engage the kids. AND I paid all the money and no trophy!!!!!! Thank you so much. For ever person who played a part. Happy Holidays

Washington, DC
The staff is great and does an amazing job keeping the attention of lots of little kids. The only negative is the school staff. They won’t open the door until the moment class begins and even turned us away when our son had a bathroom emergency.

Silver Spring, MD
The coaches are kind, supportive and works well with kids. My kids seem to have a lot of fun and response well to the coaching. The team atmosphere is great!

Olney, MD
The Sunday time slot. The coaches are very attentive and give specific feedback to all players.

Highland, MD
The quality of the coaches. I like that they are trained to teach not just parent volunteers who usually pay more attention to their own kids than mine.

Upper Marlboro, MD
team sportsmanship, good coaches, lots of fun and learning to play ball.

Potomac, MD
The coaches are great, they make every kid participate and feel confident.