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4713 Jennway Loop
Moseley, VA 23120
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Midlothian, VA
We like how everyone is appreciated and taught very good values!!! Also, everyone has been so nice and made arrangements for my daughter to move up a level when her age did not have enough to continue this summer. She has really loves it. Also my son loves his camp also and it has built his confidence!

North Chesterfield, VA
The convenience of it all!

north Chesterfield, VA
I could start him at such a young age (3)

Petersburg, VA
The organization, the lessons, the refs!

Amelia Court House, VA
We just love this whole organization. The coaches are typically wonderful and for the most part the kids cheat each other on, even on opposing teams.

Richmond, VA
Flexibility and encouragement for kids!

Richmond, VA
i9 is a great program for children of all ages. My 3 year old enjoyed T-Ball alongside friends he knew and friends he began to meet as they grew into their teams. The program implemented teamwork and individual work ethic among the young children which is tougher than it may sound! They guided the coaches along the way which showed at each game. Thanks i9!

Richmond, VA
Very reasonably priced you care about the kids great staff it's just a great place for kids to play sports

Midlothian, VA
They are long enough to get a good taste of if my little one will enjoy the sport. Very convenient that practice and games are on the same day and it’s a weekend day.

Chesterfield, VA
The sports camp at Swift creek middle has been amazing! Staff was energetic and friendly. My boys were excited to go each day.

Richmond, VA
Fun Program!!!

Midlothian, VA
There’s a lot

Midlothian, VA
Phil gross is doing an excellent job.

Midlothian, VA
My son absolutely enjoyed his week in the multi-sports camp! He declared it “awesome” after the first day and loved getting to play several sports throughout the week! The camp was very well-run and organized. We plan to try more I9 camps in the future!

Midlothian, VA
Our kids loved participating in i9 sports! They did a ton of activities and never got bored with it.

Midlothian, VA
My kids have fun.

Chester, VA
Friendly and patient staff.

Moseley, VA
It is not a competitive environment and that helps a lot on my shy son self confidence. I like it because the coaches have patience and help the kids with love to get and improve their skills.

Moseley, VA
Good intro to a new sport.

Richmond, VA
Well organized. Great staff and coaches. Really enjoyed seeing how staff/referees were taking the time to explain the call. These kids are young and learning and that reinforcement is so helpful. Great job with volleyball and basketball this season.