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Brooksville, FL
Everyone gets to play. No practices during the week. Kids learn new skills.

Ocala, FL
The coaches and how patient and structured the practices and games are!!!

Hudson, FL
Great refs, great program ran at the Jerome Brown center.

Spring Hill, FL
I love the positive atmosphere that the coaches bring to each game.

Spring Hill, FL
I love that is affordable and that kids learn to play without too much pressure. They have fun and get to make new friends and play sports.

Hudson, FL
Our family loves that i9 is helping our kids build confidence and a love for team sports.

Spring Hill, FL
Such a great program. Practice and games in the same day are awesome for the little ones. This is my son’s second year with i9 and he’s improved so much. They take sportsmanship and team work seriously and encourage all parents and players!

Hudson, FL
The process was easy to register for, the coaches encourage the kids, it's apparent that they truly care about them having fun and learning the sport and I love the weekly txt message reminders!

Spring Hill, FL
Well-organized, good communication, fun for the kids. However, for the 3-4 age group, the time frame is a bit long considering their attention span.

Crystal River, FL
Our coach is wonderful. He takes the time with each child to ensure they know what their doing and truly enjoying their time playing!

Hudson, FL
We have amazing coaches this year. Very fair and inspiring, no yelling. Good move getting rid of the one coach that was a tyrant last season! He ruined it for us our first time with i9 a couple years back and we left because of him.

Brooksville, FL
It creates a positive experience for our kids to learn about teamwork and to help them stay active.

Beverly Hills, FL
Everyone is included and feels like a team no matter the age

Hernando, FL
I like the flexibility and the ease of the program. This being the first year my daughter has been introduced into team sports, it has been educational and rewarding.

Spring Hill, FL
My son loves playing flag football and the coaches are great with the players. Everyone gets to play and all the kids look like they're really having fun.

inverness, FL
Weekly updates of practice and games. Very well organized staff.

Spring Hill, FL
Everyone is involved

Bringing kids and families together for friendship and unity in the community, spreading fun together within and around,not so competitive, but building, character, integrity and sportsmanship with fun even afterwards, chance to change before to a better future with kids and families

Spring Hill, FL
Very organized

Spring Hill, FL
Teaches the basics and coaches are very friendly.