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Well organized. Great communication. Program teaches skills, good sportsmanship, and gives all of the kids equal plain gold time.

Sun Prairie, WI
We like the level of instruction given by the coaches. It is very tailored to the children's level. It is not to fast and not too slow. Our daughter likes her class very much and is learning a lot!

Madison, WI
Practice and play are combined

Windsor, WI
One day a week. Kids not pressured to be all-stars.

Waunakee, WI
I like how i9 promotes sportsmanship.

Middleton, WI
Love the focus on fundamental skills. The coaches are patient and help kids develop a love of the sport they’re learning.

Oregon, WI
Company is family friendly and pushes fun and sportsmanship over everything else.

Cottage Grove, WI
They're FUN! Not highly competitive, but challenging enough for those of us who aren't raising "elite" athletes. The fact that it requires only a weekly commitment allows my kids to be involved in other activities as well.

Waunakee, WI

Verona, WI
I appreciate the focus on FUNdamentals and sportsmanship. I'm a pretty competitive guy, but at ages 3-5 (my kids' ages) this isn't the Super Bowl/World Series/World Cup/etc and we could use more places that teach the fundamentals well without burning out kids or making them feel like a failure if they drop a ball at age 4.

Madison, WI
Informal, fun program for the "not too serious but still want to be active in sports" kid

Sun Prairie, WI
They are well organized and everyone is friendly. They also teach the kids good sportsmanship and skills for the games as well as in life!

Sullivan, WI
I like that the practice and game are on the same day. I like that it's a program that promotes healthy competition, and that there's a great deal of positive that comes with the participation. I also like that it's a flag football league, thereby minimizing the risk of injury due to contact, while still allowing for a significant amount of physical activity.

Verona, WI
I appreciate the focus on the fundamentals, values and fun!

Madison, WI
One day commitment and positivity

Madison, WI
Positive coaches & parents make it great for the kids to enjoy sports and learn the fundamentals.

Fitchburg, WI
Met once a week and offered baseball in the "off season"

Verona, WI
They are friendly and fairly well organized.

Madison, WI
Great coaching. More one on one.

How enthusiastic the coaches are and how positive the games are