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Osprey, FL

Sarasota, FL
Well organized, like the online portal with access to schedule/alerts, etc, easy registration, coaches have been great

Bradenton, FL
Both Lacrosse coaches are very positive with the kids. this is my son's first time trying lacrosse and his coaches have provided the needed support, encouragement, and knowledge to make this a positive experience for my son and for me as a parent.

Sarasota, FL
Well organized. Friendly coaches.

Sarasota, FL
Great team building and fairness for all kids

Sarasota, FL
Very easy to register, great l9cation and only one a week for working parents

Sarasota, FL
Amazing coaches! Very organized!

Sarasota, FL
Fun and great that its only on Saturdays. Not a huge time commitment.

Sarasota, FL
I like that the practice and game are on the same day. Great attitude in the league.

Nokomis, FL
My child is in T Ball and he is learning the fundamentals and the coach is very patient with teaching the youngsters. They learn team spirit and each child is given attention.

Venice, FL
i Think that the coaches are doing a great job with the kids. Only suggestion that I would have is that the parents make sure that the team is covered on snacks for the kids after each game. Maybe have them sign up when they sign there kids up to play, I have brought snacks every week because no other parents have signed up. Also make sure that each child gets equal time of playing due to one of the coaches on my grandson team lets his son run the football alot more than the other kids. We all paid the same amount for each of our children to play so it is only fair. But all and all it is a great learning tool for the kids at such a young age. Will for sure sign my grandson up for other activities with I-9 sports. Thanks for all you do!!

Venice, FL
I Love the fact that the kids have fun.weather they win or lose they still have fun. Most of all the fact that it goes by ages instead of weight. And more importantly the fact that it's duable bc the practice and games are one-day a week. Love it and my son enjoys itvery much. Definitely going to be re-register him for next season

Punta Gorda, FL
Everyone in the league is friendly and helpful!

Englewood, FL
Been with the programs for about 4 years now and it’s amazing. Always puts the kids first which is most important. My kids have grown here and they are better for it

North Port, FL
Convenient having practice and game on Saturday. Everyone is really nice.

Sarasota, FL
The coach we have does a great job teaching and speaking to the kids. All in charge have been very kind and friendly as well.

North Port, FL
One day a week

Venice, FL
Coach Walts coaching style. He is the reason my daughters will continue to be part of i9!

Placida, FL
I like the ease of scheduling and laid back attitude.

Family friendly atmosphere