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Simi Valley, CA 93065
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Simi Valley, CA
I9 Spprts seems to provide everything my son needs right now from soccer. His really friendly coach helped the kids learn soccer skills, get great exercise, make friends, push themselves in a healthy way (recognizing when it is time to take a break), basically become better players while also growing as humans. The clinic fit the kids.

Thousand Oaks, CA
Affordable. Practice days on game days are convenient for working parents. Focus is on fun.

Porter Ranch, CA
My son is looking forward to start a season with I9.

Moorpark, CA
Very easy with the 1× a week schedule. The sportsmanship awards and giving young kids a love of the game vs intese competition has also been wonderful.

Simi Valleyy, CA
Have a good sports program, straight forward and nice scheduling. I would suggest a strong requirement to teach, train or develop certain skills prior to any games or different skills throughout the entire season. This will help to produce a better outcome in the end of the season.

Porter Ranch, CA
It’s a fun program my son really enjoys playing and the coaches are good. One thing I would like to see an improvement on is some coaches want all their players to score and they’ve literally asked our coach to have the kids stand still and look at the grass. I don’t think this is a good reflection of soccer because it stops the game 100%. I would rather the kids be able to play a whole game because kids need to learn that they sometimes won’t be able to score and that is ok as long as they try their best. Also I wish more coaches would implement hand shakes or high 5s at the end of the game between teams.

Simi Valley, CA
It's fun but could be organized better

Simi Valley, CA
It is convenient for family scheduling with practices and games on Saturday. I love how each child is recognized with a sportsmanship medal/brag sign. It makes each child feel special and important, part of a team.

Simi Valley, CA
dedication to kids is exceptional

Winnetka, CA
Fun atmosphere

West Hills, CA
It focuses on teamwork. Everyone plays equally. It’s nice that practices and games are on the same day.

Thousand Oaks, CA
Coaches really r great!

Newbury Park, CA
Coach Emmerson was amazing with the kids! He made sure that all children were involved and he made it fun! No pressure or stress! It was perfect for introducing my 7 year old to a team sport.

Agoura Hills, CA
Program is great especially for kids trying a new sport without to much commitment (days wise). I do think that when a coach volunteers they should commit to every game, unless ill ofcourse. I would also like to say I find it confusing for kids to have to change teams mid game to make up another teams absence. All in all great program

Simi Valley, CA
All kids are welcome and get to play.

Simi Valley, CA
Very friendly and my boy's love the program

Canoga Park, CA
Hi I would highly recommend it however my only complaint is that I specifically asked if my son has a game on Sunday June 26 and the lady replied to my email And said no! I said r u sure bc I am having my sons bday party that day and she said yes no games. So I book it and paid the deposit only to get the schedule and for it to say playoffs on the 26th. To me it seemed so unorganized as it’s my sons bday and I checked w the league first!! Also more than half the team will be at his bday. Otherwise love the team the kids the coaches and all! Thank you My assumption is that they will change the date or time since it’s their fault. [NAME REMOVED]

Amazing & supportive coaching and friendly staff!

Van Nuys, CA
Community/parents working together.

Winnetka, CA
My family has had a wonderful experience playing with I9.