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2828 Cochran Street #244
Simi Valley, CA 93065
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Thousand Oaks, CA
We loved flag football for our 5 year old! What a great coach and love the essence of the league.

Simi Valley, CA
The staff is always friendly. The volunteer coach we had was the best coach we have had in i9. Thanks to coach Kevin!

Simi Valley, CA
Super chill, one day a week, and short and the prices are affordable. The seating at the seventh day Adventist church in Simi valley is so limited though.

Simi Valley, CA
Well organized

Simi Valley, CA

Simi Valley, CA
My son had a really good experience for his first time playing basketball. I like that they can practice and play right after to see if they really like the sport. I do think that the game should be a little bit longer for the five-year-olds. 18 minutes of game time in a 30 minute time window is not enough.

My daughter enjoyed playing a new sport and as parents we loved having practice and games on the same day.

Simi Valley, CA
So fun for the kids and the families to watch the kids build team relationships and enhance their skills. Each season the kids grow into better players!

Canoga park, CA
Everyone is welcoming and friendly. No child is left out.

Simi Valley, CA
Everyone participates and very family oriented kids seem to be encouraged alot an boost there confidence to want to play in a sport

Thousand Oaks, CA

Newbury Park, CA
We loved playing basketball through i9!!! Such great vibes, coaches, refs... my son cant wait to do it again! Thank you!!

Agoura Hills, CA
Good communication, efficient on the field, courteous staff.

Simi Valley, CA
Staff and 1 day practice and game

Chatsworth, CA
The convenience of prescribed & games being on the same day. I love how friendly and child oriented the staff is, they’re not just there to ref a game and then leave, they actually interact with the kids and make the day/game more enjoyable for them. It’s great. Thank you for a great experience!

Thousand Oaks, CA
Program lead and ref are wonderful. High energy, patient, and committed to giving the kids a great experience. Would be great to have more teams to provide some variety in the matchup for the kids but understand that is dependent on signups. Practice at 4:15 is a little early for working parents to pull off, so wouldn’t mind if it was closer to 5pm.

Simi Valley, CA
I like the schedule. Early Saturdays with practice and game together. The staff is also really nice.

Thousand Oaks, CA
I like that there is so much good team/coach sportsmanship. It’s great to be competitive, but not overly competitive with kids these ages. i9 is exactly that.

Porter Ranch, CA
Great, well run programs for basic introduction to sports.

Woodland Hills, CA
The program is great. It is fun and friendly and not too much pressure! Everyone is super nice and helpful, and the kids have a great time making friends and playing the games 😊