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6650 Hawaii Kai Dr #110
Honolulu, HI 96825
330-208-NINE (6463)
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Recent Reviews:

Hudson, OH
Well organized. Good parent coaches.

Massillon, OH
This program is great at encouraging good sportsmanship while learning gameplay and basic rules. My daughter is having a blast every week!

Canton, OH
Well organized. Easy to sign up and participate. Patient coaches

North Canton, OH
The program has been a very positive experience for my daughter. I love that each week there is a sportsmanship value taught. We have great families on our team that support the values the i9 program is founded on.

Stow, OH
They teamwork that’s encouraged and Sunday practice.

Akron, OH
Coach Eric continues to be an asset for this program. I used to run a community travel soccer program as everything from Parent Manager, Academy Director, Travel Director, and finally President. I have been very active in premier clubs for my oldest son and have been around a lot of coaches. He is exactly what we would look for in a coach. Great patience. Great job commanding their attention and knowing how to handle several situations. Just like the kids, I look forward to working with him every week.

Copley, OH
This has been an awesome program for our son. It's so nice to find a place where he can play flag until later than most leagues. Also, the kids and families have been so great! The kids on his team welcomed him warmly (they had played together previously) and it's been great to see their ability to shake things off and support each other when something doesn't go so well. My husband coached for the first time and had a great experience on that end too.

Akron, OH
Multi sport is a great program to get kids that age exposure to different sports. Love Coach Jacob in Green.

Cuyahoga Falls, OH
Not a timely commitment

Akron, OH
The format is good. Coaches make these young athletes feel like they are playing professional sports

Uniontown, OH
I love the introduction to multiple different sports. It allows my son to try things out and see what he likes. The staff is also very good with the kids!

Akron, OH
I think it’s a great opportunity for kids! Also this helps them improve their skills!

Akron, OH

Akron, OH
Polite, patience and organized

Akron, OH
I love how they are laid back and fun for the kids. They teach skills but there is no pressure. I love the focus on teamwork and sportsmanship.

Massillon, OH
Coaching and teams by skill level

Akron, OH
I like the different teams this year. Not the same team every week. So fun!

Copley, OH
I enjoy the atmosphere. The kids have to play by the rules but it isn’t overly competitive. The coaches were great too, helping the kids improve their skills.

Cuyahoga Falls, OH
I love the diversity of players, the instruction, and the timing of practices and games.

Fairlawn, OH
Last year, we signed our son up for Copley flag football. It was terrible. There was a little to no organization, although I think the coaches tried, they were just too many children so the team size was huge. The kids would basically squawk like hungry baby birds, and the one who squawk the most received the ball. Through the whole season, my son may be got 5 to 6 touches. Two of those touches is because I asked the coach if my son could have a turn. I think with i. one game, my son has gotten 5 to 6 touches on the football. Your program is much more organized, the team size is small enough to wear. Kids can get attention and the ball.