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Hudson, OH
Very organized and the staff and referees are pleasant and personable.

Fairlawn, OH
Allowing my child to gain exposure to team sports in a friendly and social environment.

Wadsworth, OH
Well organized. All staff have been very nice. Reagan has been our ref quite a few times, he is great with the kids. He has encouraged each child to score a goal and helped kids stay engaged the entire game which can be challenging with the littlest age group. This was our first sports experience as parents, as coach, and with i9 and everything went very smoothly. Even halfway through the season when many of our players stopped showing up the refs and coaches combined us with our opposing team and the kids were still able to play, learn, and even meet new friends.

Stow, OH
I like the the focus is 100% on the kids. They make it fun for the kids!

Canton, OH
The coaches and other kids are real nice. My son has a lot of fun playing. He has already asked if he can play again.

Akron, OH

Richfield, OH
Enthusiastic and supportive coaching!

New Franklin, OH
This is my twins playing flag football and it has been such a great experience! We love i9!

Hartville, OH
This is a great entry level sports programs for kids. My son is learning the basics of football while gaining skills and endurance.The coaches are great and the experience has been great.

Tatianna is a wonderful cheerleading coach! She works so well with the kids!

Stow, OH
Coach Joey for flag football is awesome!

Akron, OH
I like how it is organized with only one day commitment that allows for other things during the week. The only thing I would change is coaches. I’ve noticed on the field some coaches are very good with kids and work with them and actually teach them. Others are way too laid back. They don’t work with the kids a lot. They teach them very minimally. So working with the coaches to be more interactive would make the experience so so much more enjoyable!!

Akron, OH
The league is very organized and well run, good communication, easy to use website, and the people are great! We especially like our soccer ref Ruben!

Akron, OH
Theresa treats. Very Organized. An awesome coaches

Akron, OH
Very fun family Sunday! Absolutely love this program and the coaches are amazing! Ki is very energetic and gets the kids pumped up and interacts well.

Northfield, OH
The organization is great. The coaches are very positive and my daughter is enjoying cheer.

Akron, OH
Practice and games being held on the same day work great with a busy schedule.

Cuyahoga Falls, OH
Yes, so far flag foot ball and soccer have been well run and fun for our child.

Twinsburg, OH
I LOVE the cheerleading program this season. We’ve done soccer before and last season I wasn’t too thrilled to be honest (but I know it was difficult with changes due to Covid 19). Tatiana is AMAZING and my daughter loves her. She is focused, knows what’s she doing, pleasant and organized. She actually pushed the girls to learn the cheers and dances. My daughter is having so much fun. My only suggestion would be to maybe practice and cheer at the same location. I know it seems silly, but we move from an area by the bleachers down a small hill to the game, then back up. It’s hard when I have my other kids with me, chairs set up, etc. But otherwise we are very pleased. Thank you!

North Benton, OH
The sportsmanship award and Coach Key!