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It was a good interactive class that helped a complete beginner like myself gain knowledge, experience and confidence to ride a motorcycle competently with basic skills along with earning my motorcycle endorsement.

It is very thorough during class and gives specific feedback for the individual. A very good way to learn how to ride!

Classroom and ride time was split well and time was managed to cover all Material.

Bob and Chadwick were great instructors and gave met he confidence to go buy a motorcycle.

Very knowledgeable,professional expert trainers. Easy to understand and to follow the trainers commands. The trainers were patient with high emphasis on safety they made the course fun!!!

Great instructors.

Great instructors.

Bob and Chadwick are amazing instructors! I learned a lot and had a blast! I highly recommend them to anyone that is new to motorcycles, or wants to learn how to develop their skills further. I would love to come back for more courses in the future! You both are awesome!!

Great class, great folks. Enjoyed it. Did not realize that my 17 year old son would only get a learners permit rather than a full M endorsement - until he turns 18. Worked that out only while at the DMV


Everyone was very encouraging with the training. The class was kept interesting and focused on our safety the whole time. I really enjoyed hearing the instructors tell about their personal experiences as well as listening to their real world advice with risk-assessment.

I think the material is broken down well for beginners and the book material is reviewed at a good pace, while allowing plenty of time for practical practice on the motorcycles. The instructors are very encouraging and try to help make sure you are gaining confidence through the exercises so that when testing starts, you aren't as nervous about it. They are always constructive about their feedback, and tell you when you are doing well, besides what you could be doing better.

The instructors are great. I am a very experienced rider and took the basic riding course. My skills and safety were improved. Sam

Shirley an Bob were great instructors. Class was small which allowed one on one coaching and mentoring. They provided great feedback which built my confidence that I know use and think about when riding my bike.

Amazing class! Great for even those who have never been on a motorcycle! This class is very educational and instills the perfect practice of confidence and safety for all beginners and for seasoned riders as well. Super excited to get into intermediate and advanced classes!

The trainers, instruction/thorough explanations, and structure of the class helped me succeed. Everyone is so helpful, nice, patient, and very informative! I loved my time in the class and learned so much. Thank you for everything!

Really good at making people feel comfortable . Good information for the price .

The instructors were great! Being able to practice and apply their feedback in a safe environment was a wonderful experience and helped me feel more confident in my abilities.

Pete and Bob are wonderful teachers and human beings. I’ve been riding for decades, and signed up for the basic course with a goal of (finally) getting a legal endorsement, but thanks to the observations and teachings of Pete and Bob I quickly realized that I’d developed a lot of bad habits over the years. My teachers quickly homed in on my shortcomings and gave me the reset that just might save my life someday. I can’t recommend this course or these two teachers enough. They are a perfect team. Thank you!

Peter and Bob were fantastic. Many years experience riding between the two and it showed. Both Peter and Bob are incredibly friendly easy to work with and are AWESOME instructors. Thanks again fellas.