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Number 1 priority is safety. After the training I feel comfortable riding a motorcycle on the road.

Terri, in the office, is great. She's easy to reach, very helpful, and on top of her business. Pete and Bob are great, too. They have decades of experience and first hand knowledge. They keep it light while not missing a thing and never letting anything slide. They are very cognizant that this training is about keeping people alive, unharmed, and safe. I found it to be a fun, informative, and challenging class and will be going back for all of the advanced classes as well.

As a person who has never ridden before, I found the baby-step progression of the riding exercises appropriate and super helpful towards building confidence. What I liked the most about the course were the instructors. As a beginner, I found myself asking what you all would consider naive/basic questions that easily could have been asked a million times before. I appreciate that the instructors were never dismissive. The instructors put in the effort of making themselves highly approachable. And so I am very grateful for having Peter and Chad as our instructors for the weekend.

This class was so great! Thank you SO much to all the teachers!!! Special shout out to Chadwick for being so awesome for our group! I will definitely recommend you guys to my friends. Thanks again!!!

The service provided is as advertised and the instructors exceeded all expectations. The course provides a safe and controlled environment for new riders to become comfortable on the bike. The instructors were both extremely knowledgeable and willing to answer any questions. Above expectations were a result of their attention to detail on individual riders which at times resulted in one on one specific guidance on items that an individual could work on to help improve a particular skill. If students listen to this advice their riding experience is greatly improved, which is all a student can ask for in a training.

Very professional. Was trained by Peter,who has over 25 years of riding and teaching experience. The course was low pressure, with lots of riding and discussions over lessons before and after a practice ride. Will definitely take an intermediate course in the future

Great fun environment. Straight and to the point but very educational.

Very friendly and knowledgeable teachers

Great instructors. Bob and Jiri are a delight. Patient and enthusiastic but also firm and deliberate. A great environment to learn in. As 40+ year olds, my wife and I were never made to feel less than for having zero experience. Our willingness to learn was celebrated and encouraged.

Instructors were friendly and got plenty of riding time in during the training. Felt confident taking next steps to buy a bike and get licensed after the training.

It was very thorough, the instructor had a lot of riding experience and kept the class moving.

The services at Iron Buffalo are super fun and really helpful. The instructors were really fun to work with and very patient with the students. Helmets and gloves were provided as well as the super cool motorcycles to learn on. This place makes you feel welcomed and confident in your ability to learn how to ride and start an amazing new lifestyle.

Bob and Peter where great. You can tell they really care about safety and love there jobs. I will be back for the intermediate just because of them.

I had a great time and learned a ton in this class. Peter was helpful and was extremely knowledgeable. I would recommend this course to beginner as well as seasoned riders because of the wealth of information.

Great instructors. Tons of valuable information. Course focused on very practical skills for new riders.

The motorcycle class was fun, I used one of there loaner motorcycles, they were easy to ride and fun. I definitely learned some things about the dangers of street riding and what to avoid.

Chadwick and Bob were great instructors. I learned a lot and also really appreciated seeing how they varied the coaching methods to meet the needs of other students. It was good to be confident not just in the development of my skills, but also people I met and go to know over the weekend.

Very practical direction for safety as well as instruction comprehension. The terms, tests, and practices are easy to understand and allow practical hours and miles to gain experience in the time you have.

Everything, y'all rock.

The website was user friendly. The class was student friendly. The problems were all related to the wind making it hard to hear the instructor. He could speak up and not wear his helmet when instructing, which muffled his voice. Wear a hood instead when it's cold.