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12320 Pinecrest Road
Reston, VA 20191
(703) 860-0800
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June 19, 2017
Reston, VA
June 6, 2017
Reston, VA
Wonderful staff and facility! My daughter has learned so much and had an incredible experience with Kiddie Academy. Best childcare facility I've used by far. The educational, social and imaginative skills she has gained are proof that this facility and the amazing teachers are everything a parent could ask for when leaving our precious little ones in someone else's care.
June 4, 2017
Reston, VA
Little more on academic for 3-4 yrs old
June 2, 2017
Reston, VA
Teachers are very professional and my child loves the center.
May 17, 2017
Reston, VA
Love the hands on projects and songs he's learning. Also appreciate the pictures being sent frequently!
May 4, 2017
Reston, VA
Sadly, we are no longer at Kiddie Academy, as we moved out of the area. We miss it! I always appreciated the way Kiddie Academy Reston was like a family. I was never concerned about my childrens' welfare or happiness - they were very comfortable there, and I had complete trust in the staff. I realize how well-prepared my children are now that we are away from Kiddie Academy and I am able to compare them to other children from different schooling backgrounds. I highly recommend Kiddie Academy of Reston and will always have fond memories of my childrens' early childhood years there.
April 25, 2017
Reston, VA
The teacher attrition seems high, especially for toddlers that can get attached to teachers quickly and need more sustainable environment.
April 6, 2017
Reston, VA
My biggest concern is that there are no great options for non nappers. Right now my child is restricted to a cot for 2.5 hours. This is a very long time for a child who is not napping to be asked to stay in one place. She is 4 so we do not expect or want her to nap but we also feel that expecting her to be confined to a cot is not an ideal or even appropriate expectation. We were told we could bring in activity books for her, but this also mean we are supplying activities to occupy her for 2.5 hours. We would like to see a better option for children who don't nap.
April 5, 2017
Reston, VA
Management is committed to providing the best educational child care and listens to parents comments/concerns/questions. Many teachers are superb and the layout of the facility is open and friendly atmosphere. Also like the fact that children's art work is displayed in hallways and in classrooms and that Kiddie Academy of Reston makes sure there is a summer program and an optional winter program for kids.
April 4, 2017
Herndon, VA
Some of the staff could be more friendly and welcoming!
Response From Kiddie Academy of Reston
April 05, 2017
Customer service and a welcoming atmosphere is extremely important to us. If you ever feel that we could be doing better please don't be shy about stopping by the office and talking to the Director or Assistant Director. We promise to keep improving based on your detailed feedback. Thanks.
March 1, 2017
Reston, VA
We feel the educational program is versatile and well balanced. It may not be the most advanced academic program among the child care providers. However we feel our child obtained sufficient exposure to kindergarten level knowledge, while at the same developed other skills and interest as well. We like the well balanced approach.
Response From Kiddie Academy of Reston
March 02, 2017
Thanks for your feedback. We absolutely agree that there is always room to improve. We would love to hear what, in your opinion, could put us on a path to be on par with other advanced academic programs? We are considering focusing on additional teacher training, technology and exploring better ways to implement the curriculum.
February 22, 2017
Herndon, VA
My son (age 2) enjoys going to Kiddie Academy. We never have problems getting him ready to go in the morning, When it's time to leave the house in the morning, he gladly puts on his shoes and jacket. He is clearly happy there. We started sending him to Kiddie Academy when he was 2 months old. The staff has always been great, they clearly care about the children who go there.
February 14, 2017
Reston, VA
Flexible days for part time and great staff.
February 5, 2017
Reston, VA
- Teachers care about the kids very much and are easy to talk to - Its is easy to approach the management staff and it feels like a closely knit well run unit.
January 29, 2017
Reston, VA
The amazingly caring teachers. I also love the activities, crafts and emphasis on reading. Finally, I like the quality in food.
January 4, 2017
Reston, VA
The kids are always learning different skills in their classroom regardless of age. The teachers make activities fun to participate in.
January 2, 2017
Reston, VA
Great teachers, cameras to watch kids, great curriculum
December 28, 2016
Reston, VA
Hours of operation around holidays need to accomodate the work hours which parents are expected to work, after all, that's why we send our child there. Price is high. Consider a better sign in / out process with RFID / QR code systems.
December 6, 2016
Reston, VA
My child is always learning something new! The daily reports are fabulous and full of exciting activities and moments of learning. Many of which are sinking in as evidenced by an ability and desire to attempt writing, recognition of rules (line leader), and playing teacher.
November 21, 2016
Reston, VA
My child is learning to do things on her own, she's learnimg so much more in your center than she would at a traditional or home daycare.