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My massage with Kristin on Saturday was probably the worst massage I have had at La Vida in 20 years. Very blah :( So disappointing! My facial with Hannah was great and others that I have seen (Chase!!) have been great so I was pretty disappointed on Saturday.

All staff are great! I hope management/owners appreciate all of these people! They make the business. There could be better management of how it’s run as a business but the ones that work there are why I keep coming back.

Kathy is an amazing massage therapist. Very professional and knowledgeable.


Centerton, AR
Everything. When I first walked through the door and was greeted. The massage with Shanti was wonderful. I already have my next appointment booked

Fayetteville, AR
I’ve always had a great experience at LaVida! Caring staff, relaxing atmosphere, incredible massages!

My massage therapist was amazing. Very attentive to my needs.

Jess was great and very professional. My sheets were not 100% dry and she noticed right away and offered to change them out. I told her it was fine and at the end of the massage she had a $25 gift card for me. I really felt like that was going the extra mile and it was an awesome massage as well!

Shawn at Bentonville and Gus in Fayetteville always give great massages.

I liked the massage itself. I did’t agree with the policy of time to consult before and changing clothes is included in 60 minutes which cuts the actual time for massage.

We went as a group of 7 - with staggered arrivals and all made sure to arrive early to complete paperwork. Of the 7, 2 had terrible experiences with the same therapist (Client A and B, respectfully) - Ms. Vidia/Lydia (unsure of spelling) was her name. For both clients she worked with on this visit, the therapist made extremely offensive offhand comments about their bodies. For Client A - she insisted on a facial massage, randomly asked if the client "ate bread" with no explanation as to why or connection back to the massage, and then remarked "gobble gobble" while working on her throat - making the client feel extremely embarrassed about her body. At the end of the massage, to add insult to injury, the therapist told the client exactly how much to tip her before she was allowed to leave the room. For Client B, the therapist talked the entire massage, asked endless questions that ranged from deeply personal beliefs to intense work-related topics. The therapist started the session by disappearing for several minutes and then spent a good amount of time adjusting herself/the room before she jumped right into a deep tissue massage on Client B's back. Her continuous questions and need to have a conversation with Client B was beyond distracting and made the entire experience very stressful. Client B was interrogated about her tattoo of a sun/moon goddess, and told by the therapist that she "did not like it because it was not a goddess tattoo" - which left the client stunned and embarrassed, as the therapist kept insisting on re-examining the tattoo and making statements about how she did not like it. In addition, this therapist repeatedly told that she could not give the pressure that was asked as she had her own injury that kept her from being able to give the type of massage requested. For the others in the group - they all had wonderful experiences that were very relaxing. The atmosphere of the spa was very peaceful, and had a luxurious feel from the moment you walked in the front door.

clean and be seen in a timely manor plus you feel great when you are finished

Chase is a great massage therapist who I see every month. He is an important part of my healthy approach to living my best life. Highly recommended!

Bentonville, AR
Kathy is amazing. The staff is always professional and friendly. The atmosphere is relaxing

Clean, quiet, relaxing, and rejuvenating atmosphere. Allison was wonderful.

Pea Ridge, AR
Jess did an amazing job with loosening up the knots and getting them out!

Like the flexibility of offerings.

It was one of the best massages that I have ever received. Aida was wonderful. I liked the fact that she talked to me about the massage.

Friendly, timely, and kind

Shawn was a total pro - very kind and compassionate, with mad massage skills!