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9864 E. Grand River Ave. Suite #150
Brighton, MI 48116
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Massage was great

South Lyon, MI
They worked with me to get me a last-minute appointment in. So glad that Donna fit me into her schedule she is absolutely wonderful. I've been looking for massage therapist for three years since being back home in Michigan and just had not found one I was satisfied with. Lavida has a clean and professional environment and I have already begun recommending them to friends. And I have already booked my next appointment with Donna this is one happy customer

Ashley did a great job. All of the therapists are good. Making an appointment is very easy and also the space is clean and very calming.

Brighton, MI
Linda was amazing

Professional, clean, friendly. Upon arrival, I was greeted with a smile from a very friendly secretary at the desk Annalee was great! The massage was wonderful. I was very pleased with everything.

Howell, MI
Easy to electronically schedule and confirm appointments. Ashley does a great job.

Always great, easy scheduling

Brighton, MI
Ashley is very good. Friendly, making sure I’m comfortable with the pressure she is using and working on problem areas. Can’t wait for the 90 min to be available again.

I’ve only been there for ac massage,however, I feel like she works on the areas that are sure and knitted very well. I always feel great when I leave.

South Lyon, MI
Always pleasant. Appointments are on time. And, of course, you feel great when you leave.

Everyone is very friendly and looks to help their clients as much as they can. Carla gave the best message that I have ever received.

Brighton, MI
Joy is awesome!

Best massages!

It’s Easy I like how you build up visits if you can’t get appointments. Because it takes over a month to get in

Pleasant surroundings and skilled staff

Brighton, MI
Was clean, sanitized. Also, great massage!!

Brighton, MI

Hartland, MI
The older lady with short blond whitish hair that was working on 12/4 at 2:30pm at the counter was extremely rude. I walked in and stood by the counter and asked if I needed to sign in, she looked at me sighed like I was annoying her and very rudely said uh yeah and you were supposed to call too. I said I was sorry and did not know that. She said I needed to fill out a form too and started talking to another employee very dismissively. I looked at the counter and asked if it was under one of the plastic forms on the counter as I had no idea what I was supposed to fill out. She said yes and went back to what she was doing. Another employee was sweetly trying to finish some work she had and repeatedly asked if she could finish the last portion on her next shift as she was over her shift for today and had to leave. Again, the older lady sighed like the other employee was wasting her time. After about 3 times of the other lady asking, the older woman with short blonde whitish hair said that was fine and told the other employee she could leave. I was also a bit annoyed that I was 15 minutes early for my 2:30 appt but yet was not called back into the room until 2:33 after which I had to change so my massage didn’t start until about 2:36 and finished at 3:28. Not a big deal but for $80 and hour, I would like the full 60 minutes. This is the same it has been in the past too, you’re not called back until your appointment time or a few mins after and then you have to undress, which takes another 2-3 mins. My masseuse was really sweet and I highly recommend her. She did a great job and I would see her again but I just didn’t have the best experience with the lady at the front desk and losing some of my 60 minutes.

Leslie, MI
The Brighton office has been extremely rude, they double charged me then charged again after was told they would suspend my membership then said they have no openings for 2 months, and I only have 90 days to use it? Also during Covid are expecting me to come in and fill out a cancelation form.

Fenton, MI
In the year that I’ve been coming to LaVida, appointments have been canceled or rescheduled more often than maintained as scheduled, unrelated to COVID-19. The massages I have received, from multiple different massage therapists, have been rather mediocre as well. The only reason I have continued to come back is because it is extremely inconvenient to cancel my membership. I am very disappointed that a refund is not offered.