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3020 S Gilbert Rd. Suite #4
Chandler, AZ 85286
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I was able to get a massage from Rose. I have been fortunate enough to have her services before and she was fantastic both times. I really like this place, it is top notch and the staff is incredible. I will continue to utilize their services!!

San Tan Valley, AZ
Friendly, fast, accommodating and the results are always AMAZING!!😁❤👍

My 90 minute massage was short by about 25 min. I was escorted to the room 4 min after my appointment time. The massage sarted 12 min after my appointment time. My therapist announced 14 min before the scheduled end time that 90 minutes was up. In the beginning we had discussed why O was getting a massage and what areas I wanted focus on. I said my legs are in rough shape as I work on my feet on average 14 hours a day and my calves, knees and lower back through my hamstrings were all hurting. The time spent on my legs was only about 1/3 of the massage and went from 2 inches above my knee and half way down my calf. There was more time spent on my head and with "energy" triggers where a hand was placed over a knot for about 30 to 45 seconds and slowly turned than was spent on my target area. I was not, am not relaxed and my knees and lower back are still very sore. For $110 I wish I had been listened to and treated where I "needed" to be treated to feel better.

gilbert, AZ
Therapist was focused and addressed all my issues

The professionalism

Felt therapist was rushing ...and finished 10 mins ahead of my appointment time.

Gilbert, AZ
Friendly staff


Friendly and I also received Reiki and stretching.

Gold Canyon, AZ
I always get great massages and facials at the staff is always very friendly and they take covid precautions seriously

Gilbert, AZ
The constant and frequent turnovers in therapists. It has been nearly impossible to consistently see the same therapist in the past 12 months.

Alexandra is my all time favorite masseuse. I use her every time.

Julee & the ladies at the front desk

Gilbert, AZ
Friendly staff and relaxing atmosphere 🥰

its been challenging at best to get appointments scheduled unless you know well in advance that you will need something... with my back, I generally don't know until the issues crop up, but appointments can be 1 week or more out... Turnover amongst massage therapists has also been tough, as it takes time to find the right one and for them to get familiar with clients and their issues..

Chandler, AZ
The staff is all wonderful, the office very welcoming, and I always receive the best massages. I appreciate it.

Queen Creek, AZ
I came in for a massage with Fran and it was amazing! I don’t get massages often but I will need to make it more regular and she’s my girl. I was very relaxed and it was exactly what I needed. Thank you!

Gilbert, AZ
No matter what therapist you get, your massage is amazing.

Chandler, AZ
La Vida is nearby and I always get a great massage or facial!

Chandler, AZ
Excellent experienced therapist did great job.