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1865 South Nevada Avenue
Colorado Springs, Colorado 80905
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Colorado Springs, CO
This was the first chain membership spa that did not even mention or force trying to sign up for a membership plan which I really appreciated. I actually want to inquire about membership plan since it is right down the road from my new house. Everyone was very nice. Charelene did an excellent job!

Monument, CO
I loved everything about my facial and my husband’s skin looks incredible! Thank youu!

Pueblo, CO
Therapist (Quinten) was professional, courteous and had great technique. His listening skills were also great.

Monument, CO
The 60 minute massage conducted by Christa was fantastic.

Friendly, clean, felt amazing

Monument, CO
It was a lovely visit and a very relaxing.

Colorado Springs, CO
The staff is great

We've had a couple of good experiences here, but they seem to be less frequent, based on the last couple of times we went. Neither masseuse seemed to quite understand what they were doing. The masseuse for [FIRST NAME REMOVED] didn't focus on her neck/shoulders as she had asked. She also had her leg hyperextended by the masseuse for some reason, having her foot lifted behind her head. She had over-massaged parts of her arms and knees and appeared disorganized. The masseuse for Mark struggled too. A few times she had just started shaking a body part (glutes and shoulders) with no pressure, so all I felt was being shook around. Both of my feet were exposed despite only one being rubbed. The back of my knees were focused on for several minutes and it really hurt.

Cascade, CO
Massage therapist was sub par, kept talking even though I wasn’t initiating conversation, and did not guide my body well. Left my head, foot and arms in weird positions. Did not vary massage techniques and did the same motion in ever area. Will be using a different therapist if I chose to return.

Colorado Springs, CO

Merritt Island, CA

Colorado Springs, CO
Very professional and nice. Quinton gives wonderful massages!!

Colorado Springs, CO
Great location, lots of parking. Really nice place, lovely decor and fabulous massage and facial therapists

Colorado Springs, CO
Service at the front desk is friendly, greeted with a smile and the massage therapists are timely!

Have more appointments available

Colorado Springs, CO

Florissant, CO
My husband bought me a 150$ gift card for Christmas and I made an appt for a facial and a massage and on my way there a truck rear ended me (I have proof) and pretty much totaled my car, I called and informed the guy at the front desk to which he said he'd see about having the late cancellation waved, which didn't happen, they took 25$ for each appt off the gift card, so down to 100$ gift card balance, so I rescheduled my massage, which was great, (left a 20$ tip) and asked if the raining balance would be allied towards a second massage, which the lady up front said it would, went in for my 2nd massage (again left 20$ tip) and after I was done I was charged 89.00$ and was told there was no gift card on my acct so I'd have to pay the full price. Needless to say between myself and my husband we've spent 279$ (129$ from me and my hubby-the 150$ gift card) for 2 massages. Also maybe train your employees to treat customers who are using a gift card the exact same as the ones who aren't. The original lady who booked my first appt was amazing, super polite, helpful and accommodating. Everyone else treated me like my gift card meant I was cheap or like I didn't meet the criteria of gold standards of people who deserve to be there. I was just very disappointed to have spent so much $ on something that was supposed to relieve stress and I left there feeling frustrated and angeww
Response From LaVida Massage of Colorado Springs, CO
May 25, 2022
Good Afternoon Renae, I would like to say that I am sorry about the frustrating event surrounding your experience with us. Our Guest Relations Advocate has called you and left a voicemail asking that you return our call at your earliest convenience.

Colorado Springs, CO
I was spoiled with my former massage therapist in Florida. She was possibly more skilled or more passionate about her job. Your therapist was very friendly but apathetic about the entire process. It was like she was distracted or just didn’t really want to be there. It was sufficient but not great.

Monument, CO
The staff is very friendly and professional. A salon is nice and clean. And the therapist Fred was very knowledgeable and thorough. I truly enjoyed my visit. Thank you

fountain, CO
Very nice feel upon entering. Was greeted from front desk. Taken back to room that was very relaxing and comfortable. Massage was great!!!