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It provides us with great information from our members.

It is far reaching and easy for the scorer

Quick and easy

The ease of use, the detailed reports, the responsiveness of the support team and the strength of the leadership.

It gives feedback about the business before those who leave feedback post to the world.

Gathering unbiased feedback from customers is critical and being able to break it down in various ways helps to understand your business better.

Real Time Feedback

Easy to use and analyze response data.

Great management tool - allows leaders to play "offense" when working to amplify relationships with our members and program participants.

Functionality and ease of use for the product.

Allow setting for different sort parameters. Right now it is alphabetical so Atlanta is always first. I’d prefer it ranked by guests that are at risk regardless of facility.

Gives a great overview as well as the ability to drill down to specific transaction levels when it comes to customer responses.

NPS functionality.

Listen360 is amazing!! We just love this company and it helps us diagnose any member issues and resolve and create even happier members!

I'd like to see an updated video training library. Some training videos are outdated and include content that is no longer applicable on social media platforms. When training a chain of stores, and wanting to point to necessary training tools, we need them to be updated and correct. Otherwise, we are very happy with the support we've been provided through Laura Doherty as we plan to move past our current pilot phase into a full chain rollout.

I LOVE the Geauga Family YMCA! The Staff is awesome! ;)

This place is awesome, the staff are really great. The COO deserves a raise.

More specific questions and responses. Also, how often do you contact each individual?

Listen360 is a useful tool to respond quickly to customers regarding positive or negative experiences throughout our Association. The YMCA strives to enhance each customer experience, and instant feedback is vital in making improvements.

Be more flexible with viewable data.