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Searching for customers to resend reviews is very laborious.

Searching customers to resend a survey is a pain. WAY harder than it needs to be.

frequent use in 4 categories of customers, trend tracking by various periods, ability to note follow-up

Would love for the system to be reorganized so that I can search by user and add locations to their profile instead of having to search by each location under each category in order to find users. I end up doing a minimum of 4x the work, which takes more time from other tasks.

I love everything except that I can't get email updates when a customer posts on review platforms like Google and Yelp.

great feedback and actionable info . Pays for itself over and over . Great for our employees to provide guideance

Immediate feedback for unhappy customers, allows for opportunity to reach out quickly

Love Scott, my franchisees love the platform and I get very few complaints :)

It's a simple tool to use for both the member and the organization. We are very pleased with the product and have been since we instituted Listen360 more than a year ago.

I have continued success with each person that i work with on the Listen360 team. Your team members are helpful and quick to address concerns.

I am concerned about an employees disregard to wearing their mask while working the front desk. This is a constant problem that isn't getting resolved. It makes me dread going to this branch.

We seem to get very low responses. Maybe if the survey was a little more robust..

I wish the data was real time & live. That the tracking of technicians performance is clearer. I would like a text message request as an option. I think NPS score is a bit outdated way to track a customers opinion as well.

Support team is great and usually quick with responses. Brandy is very helpful whenever we have a question or need assistance. Billing could be more accommodating for the customer. Our system doesn't allow us to enter an invoice prior to the invoice date. I requested to receive the invoice on or after the invoice date, but request was denied.

Feedback Report Generation would be more beneficial with customizable options for data collected; including any follow-up responses to Listen360 customer feedback. For example, when populating the Detractor Feedback report, it does not capture any Private messages or responses to the Customer feedback. Important for our business to capture the customer data which had a negative experience, and also analyze the response/actions taken to address. Our current workaround requires report manipulation to pull appropriate data from Follow-Up responses.

Great abilities with the reports

The scoring method is not user friendly. To many cases where someone scored a 10 fit entered 0

Pretty good.

Way too expensive and metrics are difficult to explain to clients. When you present a 74% net promoter score, it sounds like a low C grade.