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The system is comprehensive but easy to use and tailored to individual busness needs.

It's a great way to stay informed with the members

Not easy to use if you use the software intermittently.

Easy to use for our customers & us on the back end.

The reporting is robust and easy to understand, especially the reporting that was revamped a year or so ago. We would like to see the rest of it updated to the cleaner workflow as well. We have plenty of permissions and settings for setting the system up as a franchisor and for franchisees too. Any changes needed are easily made. Support staff are easy to work with for the most part. We never really hear from a point person as such, but many of their main team know our company well after so many years of using their software. Overall the software integrates well without main software system, our business model and our needs without being overly complicated.

Need better reporting features. We've had to create Excel Spreadsheets and import information weekly/monthly to have the reports we need/want for our communities. Different industries utilize different stats, so please make the reporting more customizable for each client.

Quick effective and your response time is great!

Wonderful resource and tool. Easy to pull specific data for reporting. Easy for our customers to use, too!

Create easier access to the "at risk" screen. It's difficult to remember which sequence of buttons you have to click to get to the appropriate screen

Great resource for business improvements.

immediate feedback detailed response from consumers access to trending data

I like the immediate feedback from our YMCA members, so our Y staff can reach back out to serve and further develop meaningful relationships.

I have asked for help when we transitioned from Elevation Cycles to Mikes Bikes. The back end details are still not complete. My email connected to he account is still I have asked multiple time for assistance and I am always given a very long winded answer with out a direct solution. I have tried to go through but it takes way too much time. I am fearful of breaking the communication during our busy season. It would be really great when help was asked for, it was provided and taken care of.

Great first look dashboard, with follow on drill down capabilities.

It's very insightful and I read about issues I might not otherwise know about.

Easy, simple and effective!

Excellent customer service and quick to respond when needed.

The user interface to set up the campaigns is not as intuitive as I think it could be. Analyzing the results once the surveys are received is nice and easy.

It's always good to let others know what's on your mind, even if you can't share all of the details, because others might be able to resolve your concern - or find someone who can!