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Listen360 is a fast and easy way to leave a review without getting too into the weeds the first time around. It's also a simple way to learn the holes in your business and where people may be dropping through.

I like seeing the feedback from members in a timely manner.

Constant feedback as well as insight into opportunities / lessons learned when we do not exceed customer expectations.

Quick easy responses, reporting and client assistance.

Provides good feedback. It would be nice if there were less user errors.

Need to make text reviews. MUCH higher response rate.

The system needs to be more robust - flexibility in asking questions would be very helpful.

I love how listen360 gives us the ability to hear the voice of our members so we know what changes to make for a 100% customer experience. Having this feature for 500+ locations has been an invaluable tool for our company!

not sure I have any feedback at this time

Nothing I like the way it is

We are a company that operates multiple locations. This service gives us visibility into the views of our customers that our management team never has the opportunity to interact with.

The support from the Listen360 team is excellent. I always get a response when I have a question, and the team there works with me to deliver what I need. Once you have this launched, it's so easy to request and receive feedback that leads to actionable responses.

This service has been a game changer for our organization. We are able to track our customer's experience and respond quickly to circumstances that need service recovery. We highly recommend it!

The support our team receives is subpar. As part of our contract, we pay a monthly support fee; however, we typically only interact with L360 for ~30 days per year as we send about 6-8 surveys annually. Yet, these ~30 days have been a challenge for the past two years. Response times from our account rep can be extraordinarily slow (+often require multiple follow-up emails), and we've received inaccurate information on a handful of occasions. The team does not seem to care if we miss deadlines, which can be frustrating. I'm re-evaluating whether these frustrations are worth us continuing with the L360 product in the future.

The immediate response so that corrective action can be taken and conversations with residents of families can take place ASAP.

John was a great massage therapist. I had a very sore lower back and very tight legs; he made recommendations for enhancements that would help him address my areas of concern in a more impactful way & sent me home with some stretching exercises I can do between sessions to help my problem areas.

Searching for users or locations is tediously complicated. There are over a dozen separate sections with hundreds of locations. Why can't I search for a person once and L360 show me all the locations they are in? Instead I have to go through each section individually to add/remove access. This is ridiculous. Why does the search function not work?

Listen 360 is easy for the consumer to navigate. The electronic delivery system is giving us a much higher return rate than our old paper system. As one of the largest Coldwell Banker affiliates in the country we are solicited by many vendors. We are very happy we chose Listen 360 for our customer satisfaction surveys.

In the date range options add; "This Quarter"

Always quick resolve and follow up with Listen360 personnel.