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Easy use of the application.

This is a great tool to help businesses improve customer service. It has been helpful to hear the constructive criticism and uplifting to hear to positive feedback.

I like and use the analytics. As importantly, is capturing the voice of the customer.

Listen360 has been a great easy system to implement to gain valuable insight from our members. The reporting has created a an simplistic transparency throughout the organization.

Your billing department is in shambles. You have not been able to provide an accurate bill for our company in over 12 months. We will be moving from your service as soon as find an alternative (or just build it ourselves).

It's easy and quick for our customer to give feedback. It also gives us a leg up on our competitors because we are contacting our detractors within 24 hours to address their poor experience and work on turning them back into a promoter.

A great process for determining the impact we are having in our community.

Member feedback is critical to member retention so getting information that creates proactive quality member service is vital to our long term success. Our happy members are more likely to refer others to the YMCA. It is a great tool for Executives to create quality improvements in each of their locations and reward staff and locations for the quality work they deliver each day.

Fast feedback

We get immediate feedback from our customers

I need better hierarchy reporting options and the ability for more Parent/Child structure in our system…I’ve been asking for this ability for years and we’ve made no progress. I would not recommend L360 solely because the reporting for a large organization like ours, is not acceptable.

We've been Listen360 Clients for many years. They have consistently been one of our best partners through these years. They have a great support structure with wonderful people that know their business and ours. We've been able to use their insights to make progress in finding out what our Clients want and then delivering those with excellence. We had several other products like Listen360 before and not one can even come close to the success we've seen since making the change. Wouldn't even consider going somewhere else for this type of service and support.

Raw feedback from prospects and residents.

Consistent and ease to use. Good customer service as needed. Fair price.

Incredible response time

Ease of use :)

I don't know why you are outsourcing your invoicing to Evercommerce, but they are awful (they are sloppy, make mistakes, and then don't atone for their mistakes, leaving our Listen360 reps to apologize, but because their hands are seemingly tied by your new software with Evercommerce, someone from Evercommerce ends up circling back with me anyway). I do not want to interact with anyone from Evercommerce any more.

I really love the simplicity of the platform and it's ability to teach the end user about the Net Promoter Score. It is really user friendly and easy to understand and navigate. It is a great way to interact with clients and love that you can email directly from the platform.

The timely feedback allows for fast and focused responses to member needs.

I would score it higher but wanted to provide this comment that I have requested for two years plus now and nothing has been done. Please add to your daily update/email the score from the previous day. Right now you have the rolling 3 months, rolling 12 months and YTD but if you are a daily user - we want to see yesterday's score. I know you can go in and run that number but this is a flash report - why wouldn't you include the previous day? The rolling 12 months isn't that important and you can run that if you want. Both times, I have requested this - I was told by members of the staff - this would take some major development to put that into the daily report. Spend the time or go ask your high end users what is more important. Overall it's a 10 but I will continue to request this by any means possible. I have recommended your product to others but with the only request that they ask for the previous day score on the daily email/flash report. Thanks for reading and maybe one day this will change but it's been two years plus of requests from a customer. Spend the money and make the change.