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It's easy to use, the customer service is good, and we've been gathering great information through it.

The analytics don't tell me what I need to know. So I continually get emails for something that I don't understand--annoying.

I feel it's a very informative way to hear from our members

Great customer service

The reviews are easy to understand and respond to. The analytics are good and getting better. The main problem we have is the almost monthly network reporting issues: on average at least once a month the networks reviews are either not completely reporting, or are missing altogether. As a franchisor dedicated to excellent customer service standards it becomes very difficult to quickly respond to or even respond to customer issues in a timely manner when these reporting issues occur. Often it can take several days to get reporting working again. If not for this, our rating would be higher.

Seeing direct comments from our valuable members, but being able to synthesize at many different levels.

Ease of accessing data, easy-to-read information, and the ability to quickly search for content/data.

The platform and reporting was great. The first year of customer service was non existent. We didn’t get the service we deserved until we wanted to leave (1 year in). Then we weren’t allowed to leave for another 6 months. Hire good people and enough of them or charge significantly less. And Listen360 was the worst thing to happen to Qiigo. Took a good company to the dumpster and set it on fire in less than 90 days.

Excellent customer service and positive workout environment!

Very responsive, thorough, completes in a timely manner

Great software, easy to use, staff communicate well

Staff responsiveness is outstanding. The continual improvements to the platform and its dashboard reporting have made this tool more valuable than ever to our organization.

Easy use of the application.

This is a great tool to help businesses improve customer service. It has been helpful to hear the constructive criticism and uplifting to hear to positive feedback.

I like and use the analytics. As importantly, is capturing the voice of the customer.

Listen360 has been a great easy system to implement to gain valuable insight from our members. The reporting has created a an simplistic transparency throughout the organization.

Your billing department is in shambles. You have not been able to provide an accurate bill for our company in over 12 months. We will be moving from your service as soon as find an alternative (or just build it ourselves).

It's easy and quick for our customer to give feedback. It also gives us a leg up on our competitors because we are contacting our detractors within 24 hours to address their poor experience and work on turning them back into a promoter.

A great process for determining the impact we are having in our community.