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Easy to use

works very well

Quick and precise feedback

Better format & easier navigation

Delivery was made and received with no issues

The daily reports are easy to read and easy to distribute. The only thing I would like added is an option that people completing the survey have to leave a comment, even if it's a single word.

I think a true understanding of the work involved on the clients side from pre-launch through launch would be extremely beneficial so that the right team members understand the additional workload that will occur. The platform is very valuable but does take a lot of work on reaching out, following up etc. And when the company doesn't have a team handling this type of work, the existing team takes it on. So really some expectation settings up front would be terrific. The Listen360 team has been incredible, which makes everything so much better.

Ease of use, and survey method is easy to understand.

This is the first type of this product I have been exposed to so I don't really have anything to compare it to. As the head of sales, I like to keep my pulse on what the customers are saying about our franchises.

Easy to navigate the site and address members concerns in a timely fashion.

Great personal training experience

My company and I love working with Listen360. Their platform is easy to access and easy to understand and navigate. Our customer service rep, Eric Atkins is wonderful to work with as well. We had a big problem with negative surveys coming through and he was able to figure out that it was a security software issue on our clients end that was automatically giving us negative reviews. The issue was fixed quickly and Eric got us back on track.

It's simplicity.

The voice of the customer is useless based on the way it is calculated. Other calculations are off too

it gives clients a way to respond to surveys and for the company to know what we might need to work on

Client feedback

I've not used other NPS services, but Listen360 provides the insights we need to monitor customer loyalty. I don't know if this survey ends here, so let me add that I wish Listen360 would be more sensitive to people with accessibility issues. The graphs shown for some analytics use text that is very light text -- a light shaded gray color -- instead of black. It makes it difficult to read and shows a lack of concern/understanding about accessibility issues. I'm sure some designers who do not have these issues think it looks great. However, appearance is measured on more than one aspect. Please fix this.

Tom always contacts us to schedule our treatment and keeps our home pest free. He is a great representative of PermaTreat

Direct feedback that is simple and easy to use for both parties

They’re the best