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Patient feedback.

Great resource, live feedback, staff at L360 are quick to respond and helpful.

Great customer service!!

Everything. And, Angela Bossie is a 10.

The scoring system is unfair to those that do not get as many “touches”. If the average used all scores I feel it would paint a better picture for the consumer.

Ease of use and allows us to respond timely to issues in our service industry.

Like the simplicity and the overall presentation of results.

Figure out how to get great reviews publicly visible.

Meaningful feedback to team and great capture of testimonials

It gives me daily updates on my company’s NPS results

Simplicity and percent of responses

Voice of customer drives our decisions.

Easy to use, food reporting I would like to include PET and Ultrasound patients in this survey. Can someone contact me? [NAME REMOVED] [PHONE NUMBER REMOVED] Executive Director System Imaging Baptist Medical Center [EMAIL ADDRESS REMOVED]

Is there a training module one can download to learn how to use it more effectively? It is also difficult to download and view pictures that come in from the field.

It is a 365 day process and is easier to respond to a few people each day instead of over 600 from a once-per-year survey. Members appreciate that we reply to them quickly. I like the reports and easy to use format

The immediate feedback is great! We have been using Listen360 for just over a year now and learned a lot about our business and members.

Easy to use and provides valuable information

Platform is professional, works well and is stable. Reporting is good and reasonably easy to use. Staff are responsive, loyal to your company and thus knowledgeable and professional. As you know, Metal Supermarkets is a loyal customer... but your price inflexibility for our new Brand (FlannelJax's) unhappily drove us in a different direction. I suggest you be more flexible to get small brands in the door (but I can also see your side with small revenue and close to the same amount of work). Maybe something for second brands of existing customers then? Somewhat less risky for you? Ho Ho - Merry Christmas - [FIRST NAME REMOVED] "Santa" [LAST NAME REMOVED]