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Recent Reviews:

it is easy to understand

Slow to change reported issues with the Dashboard/reports.

This place rocks!

Easy to navigate

Love seeing the daily emails about our customers experience. Great way to show us how our CSR team is doing.

RockBox is the Best workout and atmosphere in the Fitness industry!!

I appreciate the excellence of your customer service

We love being able to utilize Listen360 to capture and respond to feedback immediately!

The data. Love all the data available from the surveys and comments!

Eric has been extremely helpful and the surveys provide great feedback for our business. It's helpful to have benchmarks to iterate where we are now and where we need to get to in order to improve.

Not certain, but the frequency of surveys seems to turn off some members.

I really enjoy the feedback from Listen360 surveys. It really helps us understand how the customer feels about the services we provide.

Tom is very attentive to our needs. I appreciate the extra mole he goes in not only a thorough treatment but also knocking down the cobwebs on the eaves and windows

Steve Craig does a wonderful service and always communicates with me prior to service date. I appreciate his attention to detail and he is always a pleasure to speak with.

my experience was seamless.

Great tool, but customer support is lacking. We pay way too much not to have adequate support.

The interface is very easy to use. I only access Listen360 a few times a year, but I am always able to find what I need.

It helps a lot in customer, manager conversations

The system needs to allow the customer to choose the correct team responsible for their concern. Ex: Customer Service, Billing, Lawn service, Hort Service, Mosquito service, etc. The specialists are always being hit with surveys when the customer is upset with customer service. This year we had a bad year with cust service and long hold times. Customer would cancel and we have no way to determine the amount of these cancels. Reports need to be easier to run. It's not user friendly.

Listen360 is a fast and easy way to leave a review without getting too into the weeds the first time around. It's also a simple way to learn the holes in your business and where people may be dropping through.