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I would really like to see filtering options available for the "At Risk Task Pad." Currently, it only allows you to view surveys from newest to oldest, but it would be really nice to have options to choose how the Task Pad is filtered. Being able to change it to filter from oldest to newest would be fantastic; as well as, being able to filter by date, customer/customer group, and other such attributes. I have also been a little disappointed that the number of surveys that show up on the Task Pad are capped at 50. Being able to view all surveys or even adjust how many are shown would greatly increase its ease of use and functionality.

L360 captures valuable data on customer satisfaction that would take us mountains of time on our own to compile. Asking our YMCA member how they feel doesn't change how they feel. If they are unsatisfied it's better to know about it so we can act on it than not know and simply guess if we are doing well.

feedback is quick and easy to navigate. Provides immediate method to reach out to participants.

Easy to use, helpful data analysis

Regarding the task pad, it would be a great thing if we could arrange by oldest first. Allow for the oldest detractor to be contacted first!

Responsive, proactive staff. Great reporting. Only one thing I would change is having a better understanding of who gets the surveys of the uploads we do. I know some members who have scanned in and been included on the uploads, but never have received a survey, so I would like a clearer understanding of the method behind it.

I wish there was a text option.

overall I think its pretty good

I like the daily reports

Great experience all around! Technician was on time and extremely professional. The service department is being very helpful in getting some replacement parts ordered.

Automated functionality and integration with our Point of Sale software.

quick data, easy to use that can be quickly analyzed and addressed.

Easy to use; great feedback tool and I like the report functions

I could use this information 2 or 3 times a week. Not everyday.

If you're a branch manager and read this feedback request, I would like to know. Send me an email and I will send you bonusly points.

The service allows us to provide time-sensitive feedback promptly.

I like that we can directly respond to the patient through this application and can track progress through the reports tab.

It provides us with great information from our members.

It is far reaching and easy for the scorer

Quick and easy