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Campbell Travel ROCKS!!

Provides real feedback. Would like to add some additional questions, which I believe we are working with you on so that is good.

Love the consistent feedback provided and the opportunity to find out what customers are thinking about various parts of their experience.

Like to see reviews broken down to office staff/billing/field technicians, etc.

Not sure why i am getting this survey??????

Always prompt to respond to any requests or questions we have. User friendly. Easy reporting.

As a long time client of Listen360 I'm have had nothing but exceptional service and support from the team at Listen360. I've had the opportunity to change to different providers over the years and I've listened to several pitches from them about how wonderful they are. In the end they just couldn't measure up to Listen360. We're here to stay!

Internal feedback mechanism. Provides some degree of control for sharing feedback publicly.

Integration was easy and it's Intuitive. Clear reporting and support when you need it. A tru partner that has worked with us through this pandemic!

The service is fantastic and provides critical data. We would like some more flexibility when working with 3rd party providers. We don't have any integration with our CRM because Listen360 and ServicePro could not come to an agreement on the data exchange.

I like how short and concise the survey is making it easier for our customers to use.

Excellent service and stable platform, great information provided. Interface/reporting flexibility and ability to export data ALL raw data easily through some extract/query tool to do external analysis/linking with other data would be my only "wish"...but extremely happy in general with the product and our Acct. Execs, Scott Morgenroth and implementation team resource, Sarah Bacon.

The simple question of referral goes a long way, and has really helped our business discern customer perception accurately and without the bias Yelp has evolved into over the past couple of years. Keep up the good work!

Love your service

Good people.

Web site is well done

I still wish you had a better deal for new, smaller brands! But I have said that before.

The tool is simple to use to gain important customer feedback. The support staff are always willing to answer questions, assist with special requests and even proactively offer suggestions for a better feedback program. Thanks!

I really appreciate the people with whom I've worked at Listen360. They are always helpful.