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Recent Reviews:

Listen360 has provided us with a seamless process to hear from our customers and to be able to react to anyone unhappy with our services quickly. Listen360 has improved our customer retention and allowed us to grow.

Not a good product. Results are not calculated accurately and you are too stubborn to change.

We were told that they could easily replace our kiosks. That has not proven to be the case. The link provided to us to put in our kiosks will not work. The first person to complete the feedback form would then leave the kiosk stuck on a thank you page. because the Kiosk is in a locked enclosure, there is no way to reset the kiosk for the next user. This seems like a simple fix. (Put a link to go back to the start, or a button on the thanks page to <Start Feedback> that redirects to the first page and gets a new form ready. We were told this would take a development team months to complete so as of yet, we are still using our in-house kiosks and having to pull data together.

It's concise, simple, and takes little time to review or to submit a survey.

The number of incorrect responses we are receiving is increasing daily. This is not acceptable.

This is a great way for us to keep pulse on our customers and how they feel about our organization. It also lets us know if we have reoccurring issues that need to be addressed.

I am used to Qualtrics Dashboards and analysis. Listen 360 does not provide text analytics focused on the sentiment of customer comments, it uses the NPS score to determine positive or negative emotions/sentiment of the comment. I can build robust dashboards in Qualtrics and not at all in Listen 360. As the Customer Experience Analyst for my company, the ability to design dashboards and reports based on current projects is vital. Since you do not have it, I must download the data and design it outside your platform.

We find Listen360 to continue to be a great investment for our organization. Having the ability to address member concerns in real-time while also having access to amazing feedback from our membership community is invaluable. The team at Listen360 is always responsive when we reach out with questions and the system is very easy to use. We are excited to learn more about the AI technology that is being explored.

Your system has totally screwed up a key metric for our company. Response to our situation has been horrifically slow and confidence in the explanation so weak that we are to the point of cancelling Liaten360 and moving to a new vendor. Happy to take a call is a here is actually a live person in your company. [NAME REMOVED] CEO/Owner [PHONE NUMBER REMOVED]

You offer information about my customers I wouldn’t otherwise know. That’s gold to me.

the 1-10 rating system is confusing and could be layed out more clearly. We often have members clicking a 1 and they meant to click 10.

The unfiltered feedback is helpful.

Faster response time from customer service. Most companies I work with I hear back within 24 hours. I have not had this experience with Listen360.

You charged us for 18 months after we requested to be done. 6 months because you gave us 6 months for free and then another full year just because nobody had their eye on the ball. The leadership doesn’t have the resources they need and their priorities put themselves before the customers.

Excellent service. NO BUGS!

I love Listen 360 but my reports are not working properly.

Always very helpful.

I really enjoy how easy it is to get feedback from our members. The website itself is very easy to navigate with a lot of details!

having routine customer feedback pushed to us daily is incredibly valuable for trend identification and we've only been using Listen360 for 60 days!

Make sure the emails to parents also have the Provide My Feedback button rather than the scale on the email itself. Parents were hitting "wherever" not realizing that became their choice.