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Ease of use. I ama a consultant for 26 locations, so being able to see the voice of the customer for each location is crucial.

1. Provide more clarity on low scores missing comments. 2. Provide a mechanism for a consumer to edit their scores.

I like the ease of use of the user interface. It helps put the ownership of the service experience to the Field Leadership so any adjustments that need to be made to the service experience are more immediately impacted.

Sometimes the surveys are sent to the wrong people. It's not the people we directly deal with.

Not easy to get a response back when you have submitted a question online

Timely feedback, provides pertinent information, helpful reports, excellent customer service.

Great service

Real-time feedback.

Quick survey from our membership base with valuable info we can grow from as a business. And as a survey taker, same. It’s simple and quick to collect my responses.

Immediate reporting of detractor surveys, which enables prompt reaction from management.

it is a powerful tool to measure client satisfaction and increase client retention. Excellent tool to provide feedback to our service employees

I am a 10-year user of Listen360. Until a year ago I would have given you a 10. Unfortunately, the billing issues that I have had with you over the past year have dropped this score to a 6. My account manager is great; however, it is my understanding that she does not have any control over the billing. My billing issues do appear to be getting better. However, the headaches that I have had this past year have made this a very frustrating experience.

Your site is not very user friendly and does not easily allow changes to an individuals account.

Daily reports.

I have used Listen360 with multiple companies now and have always relied on them to deliver a great tool, excellent service, and guidance towards best practices.

I'm all in on community!

Just starting to use it but I feel there is a lot of detailed information for the customer to leave and then for us as a business to respond too.

responses should be provided & responded too