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Recent Reviews:

Love the quick responses and emails sent to the people being surveyed.

If it was more directly linked to SEO I would be more likely to recommend it. I like the formula. I like the dashboard. It just doesn't have a direct impact on my SEO.

easy to use, understand and track trends over time

User friendly, reporting capabilities are awesome, team is responsive and helpful!

Excellent! Drove all the way from Disney world. Provider and front desk staff were all outstanding.

Laura Doherty is absolutely awesome!! Her customer service skills are excellent and she always goes out of her way for her clients.

Easy, concise....helpful

weekly feedback characterizing the quarterly thoughts of all our members and staff.

We have had several incorrect or false ratings, what i would consider as a high percentage. When following up with the client whom has historically been a promoter, they indicate they have not given us a detractor score.

Improved reporting options.

It has been our go to customer feedback for over 10 years!

Our rep Eric is amazing at addressing our questions or guiding us through the tool.

Having to do a data dump is time consuming - all of this should be automated. I would also like to see response templates available to easily respond to customers.

I sent an email to our representative and your CEO when we became new clients to ask if there could be simple communication tools added to your application. I never received a reply. Your service is valuable but it's difficult to forward information to employees that may need to follow-up on a poor review or to recognize good work and a positive review. A simple interface that would allow a user to send a summary of a review to an external email box or action is what I'm after. It could be as simple as providing a way to download a pdf file of the review as an attachment to an email or to download. Also, while the Listen360 reviews that are published externally are good, your service would be far more valuable if a client were able to solicit a customer giving a review to duplicate the review on one of the more widely used review sites (Google, Yelp, etc.). If there were a simple email function added, it would add significant value.

The data that we have received from Listen360 has allowed us to stay closer to our customers, both those who are happy with us and those who are not. This is extremely valuable to us. This data also arms up with a really useful tool for sales pitches to prospects, as we can point to hundreds and hundreds of high ratings or comments from similar customers.

to see any area that needs improvement


No follow up on tactics to improve NPS scroes

The problem I've run into needs an explanation via phone. I requested a phone call and gave two phone numbers. I did not receive a call that I know of. I'm still waiting on the call to explain the problem or at least get an understanding of it.

We have increased our response rate switching from paper