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August 22, 2016
It's nice to get feed back in order to do corrective training where needed, and giving employees positive reviews.
August 20, 2016
You need LIVE customer service
August 19, 2016
I like working with them. They mesh well with our business and I find that their solutions really support what we're trying to do. In addition their support team has been very helpful.
August 17, 2016
I made some suggestions previously - also historical months score changes if a client responds late and I would prefer a month to have a static score.
August 16, 2016
honest feedback
August 16, 2016
Customer comments
August 12, 2016
Detailed customer feedback.
August 12, 2016
August 7, 2016
Ease of receiving feedback from customers. Reporting
August 4, 2016
Incredible client insights!
August 3, 2016
Listen360 has a great user interface, and the back end reporting is great! The nightly update emails definitely help to see who is struggling and might need some encouragement. I would definitely recommend Listen360 for anyone looking to track their guest's satisfaction.
August 3, 2016
Great product, excellent customer service.
August 1, 2016
Listen 360 is our key customer service metric that everyone in our company reviews everyday to ensure we continue to deliver world class service each and every day.
August 1, 2016
Insights are invaluable in terms of adjusting strategy (both Central and site based) - Feedback keeps the focus on fulfilling the true needs of the business across the board; maximising performance, sense checking corporate direction and assessing ROI from the people who are at the heart of our business... Our Members. The product itself is highly functional, navigation is logical (therefore easy-to-use by all), accessible at any time/remotely, consistently reliable, automated report functions are incredibly helpful (time savers) and, most importantly, Listen360 provides factual (integral) feedback from our customers... Whom without, we would not have a business - We would highly recommend Listen360 for Member/Customer focused businesses
July 29, 2016
Very well thought our and the analytics are good
July 28, 2016
Simple, automatic, easy to use
July 26, 2016
The information that we have access to allows us to interact with our customer's comments in real time. The staff at Listen360 is great and they work really hard to ensure we're up and running at all times.
July 25, 2016
It allows you to know if there are improvement opportunities with any given client.
July 22, 2016
laura is a great person to work with here at apple seeds and songs for seeds. thank you! [FIRST NAME REMOVED] qualter [LAST NAME REMOVED]
July 21, 2016
Simple for users Great reporting tools