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Easy to navigate, prompt turn around in feedback, efficient and courteous customer service! Very useful resource and tool!

Easy to use

Laura, with the Implementation Team, has been extremely patient and helpful with all of our questions and concerns during this process!

I’ve worked for several organizations that have deployed and used Listen360 to collect customer feedback and can honestly say it has always been a simple and easy process that provides very valuable insight that truly can’t be found anywhere else. It’s a great tool I would recommend again and again!

The Executive summary needs to be improved so that when the date is changed in the Loyalty Summary the other data changes as well (and there needs to be more date choices as in the underlying summaries

We love Rachellie, literally love her.

My company really enjoys using this platform. We've recently had some issues regarding negative surveys and were able to work it out with a Listen360 rep who was very knowledgeable and answered all our questions. He helped us understand where all these negative surveys were coming from (SPAM) and help us fix the issue and now, more than ever, we have had such good surveys. Love this platform and company.

Insight from the customer perspective

We have reached out several times with no return contact from one of your account specialists. We spend a fair amount of money with you each month and would expect a return email and a return call. We want to utilize your expertise on the timing and content of the surveys we send out. Who can call us? Email: [EMAIL ADDRESS REMOVED] or [EMAIL ADDRESS REMOVED] and or email us for a phone number. We would hope you will respond to this.

See bugs outside but not inside, the treatment is working well!

Effective and friendly service

Effective and friendly service.

the data is excellent and clearly displayed. it allows us to speak to customers about their issues before they become cancellations. but also it provides us with positive feedback and an opportunity to share this with our team.

How easy it is to collect member's opnions.

Understanding the experience of the customer

Seems to be a lack of training / support on the program. When I ask questions of our internal lead (MaryBeth) she does not often know the answer, and even when going back to an account rep the answers are not available. The ability for customers to click through to social media / google and leave positive reviews was sold as an attractive feature...and our dashboard shows some have done so but apparently our rep informed us that there is no way for us to see where the review was posted (much less the contents)? I would certainly recommend an NPS program to anyone, but the support I feel we're getting at LES does not match what we had at AmeriGas. Perhaps understandable given our smaller size, but leaves me wondering what else is out there.

L360 is so user friendly & makes it easy to review your survey feedback.

Listen 360 doesn’t necessarily capture all of the components one might need to run a successful organization.

The quick and detailed information to help us better engage our members.

everything,great tool