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Searching for users or locations is tediously complicated. There are over a dozen separate sections with hundreds of locations. Why can't I search for a person once and L360 show me all the locations they are in? Instead I have to go through each section individually to add/remove access. This is ridiculous. Why does the search function not work?

Listen 360 is easy for the consumer to navigate. The electronic delivery system is giving us a much higher return rate than our old paper system. As one of the largest Coldwell Banker affiliates in the country we are solicited by many vendors. We are very happy we chose Listen 360 for our customer satisfaction surveys.

In the date range options add; "This Quarter"

Always quick resolve and follow up with Listen360 personnel.

The quickness of the reviews.

Ease of operation and understanding

Modern software is, to a point, designed with the intention to incorporate custom integrations as the user base grows. Listen360 has jumped on this and has developed a product well suited for the missing link service-software has with its clients. Feedback and online reputation management. Most companies don't build in the level of analytics and direct action items related to the experience of the serviced user they only look at the experience of the user who uses the designed system. Listen360 fills this gap nicely.

Gives us great client feedback, and populates our website with reviews.

Very easy to use and their customer support is the best!

If we could get a link to the survey and then email our clients direct, would help with response rates. Many currently don't since the survey comes from an unrecognizable email address.

The feedback we get from customers along with all of the detailed reporting has been critical to us measuring our customer service. Having the customers at risk reporting helps us be sure we are able to reach out to customers who may not have had a great experience with us.

Everything! It's great for getting feedback from your customers! It is also great due to all the reporting variations preset and the ones you can create easily!

It is simply the best way to get critical feedback from your base. Very rewarding

For the most part the system does what's intended but it has some shortcomings. 1) I'd love to be able to give our lower level staff the ability to see personal information of those responding but block them from downloading customer lists. 2) Customers that are considered "at risk" should generate email alerts like other "at risk" customers. 3) The same can be said for passives. If I want to track passives, I should get the alerts when a passive response is received.

It is an efficient way to harvest and manage reviews for our large company.

It helps customer service to really connect with our customers and understand how they feel about their service.

averages don't seem accurate - are always the same

Customer service has been great! I wish some parts of it was easier to use. For example when reorganizing groups there are so many steps to move an account to a different ownership group.

We use NPS for our business and I could never run this business or another one without NPS? Gigi

The staff are awesome. So friendly and the facility is clean and has lots of equipment