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Easy to use for the member. Easy to learn for the staff. Great support.

The information gathered from the membership base has been helpful in supporting us as we strive to improve our customer experience at a general level. However, we have been greatly disappointed in the account management experience from a sales and partnership lens. We have yet to retrieve consistent feedback on our program survey and are forced to only communicate via email, which is difficult to capture the crux of our issues.

Instant feedback

The layout is a little complicated to navigate. I find that while trying to find the main area where i have complaints is hard to find. Your able to click on things but it does not take you anywhere helpful. Hard to find things to judge I overall love this sight!

I love the analytics and the reporting side of it. It truly is a great retention tool and making it visible for the team. I’m impressed with how much we were able to hear the voice of the customer and engage in all aspects!

I like the layout and ease of using the site.

This lowering of score has little to do with the performance of Listen 360 but more about the facts that customers are not responding to the medium as they used to. We seem to get lower response rates as time goes on. I believe this has more to do with the economy/environment than the performance of Listen 360

UI feels/looks dated, slow response on tickets, lack of DIY type options for voice of the customer.

The Ft. Myer team delivered what they promised! Special thanks to Rigo, Alex and Josue.

Ease of the surveys

Help - the current BOT situation (false reviews) is extremely concerning and must be solved. Our franchisees and we put great stock in Listen360 reviews and Bot scores are damaging creditability. This must be fixed. [NAME REMOVED] - Metal Supermarkets

We have seen an increase in "false" feedback that seems to result from bots being active on the email request for feedback. This almost always results in a low score and causes wasteful effort on our part to resolve it with the customer. The Listen360 solution is to add a step to the review process which will certainly lower the response rate. We need a better solution.

Listen360 has provided us with a seamless process to hear from our customers and to be able to react to anyone unhappy with our services quickly. Listen360 has improved our customer retention and allowed us to grow.

Not a good product. Results are not calculated accurately and you are too stubborn to change.

We were told that they could easily replace our kiosks. That has not proven to be the case. The link provided to us to put in our kiosks will not work. The first person to complete the feedback form would then leave the kiosk stuck on a thank you page. because the Kiosk is in a locked enclosure, there is no way to reset the kiosk for the next user. This seems like a simple fix. (Put a link to go back to the start, or a button on the thanks page to <Start Feedback> that redirects to the first page and gets a new form ready. We were told this would take a development team months to complete so as of yet, we are still using our in-house kiosks and having to pull data together.

It's concise, simple, and takes little time to review or to submit a survey.

The number of incorrect responses we are receiving is increasing daily. This is not acceptable.

This is a great way for us to keep pulse on our customers and how they feel about our organization. It also lets us know if we have reoccurring issues that need to be addressed.

I am used to Qualtrics Dashboards and analysis. Listen 360 does not provide text analytics focused on the sentiment of customer comments, it uses the NPS score to determine positive or negative emotions/sentiment of the comment. I can build robust dashboards in Qualtrics and not at all in Listen 360. As the Customer Experience Analyst for my company, the ability to design dashboards and reports based on current projects is vital. Since you do not have it, I must download the data and design it outside your platform.