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Easy to use - clear, quick responses from members

Great tool to help us measure our customer's experience

Dashboard is not easy to navigate when you have access for the entire organization. Hard to find the most pertinent data.

Clear and concise feedback

The feedback from the patients

Feedback from our members

Easy to use

Great tool for businesses to use to get feedback.

Filter for areas of concern with patient appointments broken into section for each visit. Starting with the initial experience of scheduling an appointment, and communicating with staff personal about questions prior to the office visit // experience arriving at facility and directions to office // check in experience, efficiency // level of care experienced via MA and Nurses during visit // Quality and efficiency of care to resolve all concerns and questions during time with provider // Experience checking out and receiving necessary documentation / instructions to complete subsequent testing or scheduling. Not required fields for all consumers, but the option to address and score each area above would be beneficial as opposed to the current scoring system that generates an overall score. Consumers may want to score or comment on each section if needed.

I'd like to evaluate programs deeper than what is recommended. It's very frustrating as a customer to be limited on what to ask because it's constantly recommended and pushed to not ask more or different questions. Overall, neat idea, but for what I (one person in a larger organization who is not a decision maker) want and prefer it is discouraged.

Gives me a good gauge of where my customers are with our service

Love the quick responses and emails sent to the people being surveyed.

If it was more directly linked to SEO I would be more likely to recommend it. I like the formula. I like the dashboard. It just doesn't have a direct impact on my SEO.

easy to use, understand and track trends over time

User friendly, reporting capabilities are awesome, team is responsive and helpful!

Excellent! Drove all the way from Disney world. Provider and front desk staff were all outstanding.

Laura Doherty is absolutely awesome!! Her customer service skills are excellent and she always goes out of her way for her clients.

Easy, concise....helpful

weekly feedback characterizing the quarterly thoughts of all our members and staff.

We have had several incorrect or false ratings, what i would consider as a high percentage. When following up with the client whom has historically been a promoter, they indicate they have not given us a detractor score.