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Its just that this program doesn't really apply to anyone I know outside the Y

Comments, comments, comment... Did I mention comments???

Ease of access and the excellent customer service.

Great program

Excellent staff team and friendly members make for a positive workout environment.

The team is responsive and knowledgeable. Always looking for ways to improve their survey tool.

Over promised and underdelivered. You need to do a better job of following through on your verbal commitments. Customer Support and regular touchpoints needs to be reprioritized within your organization. And when you fail to uphold a standard you can be proud of, do a better job of siding with the customer even if that means allowing them to leave the agreement.

Very professional and easy to work with.

Timely information to better the service provided to our customers.

James is the best! Takes proper amount of time to provide a high quality application.

Remove ability for customers to respond multiple times to the same survey. There should be a time limit for a customer to respond to a survey (i.e., 30 days). We have had customers respond to a survey a year after it was sent.

AI intelligence and Customer Support.

When a user leaves a constructive comment after they have left a positive one in the past, they are presented with a screen that shows them the previous positive comment. It's not very clear to users where/how they can leave new feedback.

Very informative and helps us better serve our clients.

Easy to use, reporting and analytics, giving consistent feedback (daily), It keeps our teams on their toes, but also gives us the ability to easily share successes with our teams.

Instead of having your dashboard show: Rolling 3 Months, Rolling 12 Months and YTD - it should show the score from Yesterday and Current Month. Daily users want to know want to know how did yesterday not rolling 3 months. I have requested this multiple times over the years with Listen 360 and get the same answer - we will look into it but have no plans to change. Hope one day this can be changed, just like we try to change our customers thoughts on their comments.

Great company that provides an exceptional product. This is the only product I've found that does everything that's needed to use data to enhance our business decisions. The Listen360 team is great to work with and provides world-class service and support.

Make it easier to change the questions that are asked.

Your support team. Everyone is quick to respond with comprehensive and relevant information. For more complex questions/problems, the support team tries to understand the intent and desired outcomes to provide real solutions instead of off-the-shelf responses or punting things around. I'd like to recognize Nick Linton for his outstanding level of service time and time again.

I like the dashboard and how easy it is to listen to calls. I wish you had more flexible reporting and better graphics