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It’s sparked curiosity in my child.

My son loves Mad Science! He's so excited to bring home the weekly project and tell us all about what he learned & show us how everything works.

My son loves it!

My son is all smiles after class. It is really nice that he has something tangible to take home after every class.

My daughter is having a great time. She learns new things and comes home excited. I wish it were for the whole year!

My daughter loves it because it's hands on and fun.

The kids were excited for the after school program every week, and were always talking about the project when they got home that day.

Our kids are excited to go and are excited to share new knowledge when they come home!

Daughter loves it!

The facilitators are great! It is a great concept. The one constructive feedback I have heard from my kiddo is that there isn't that much "science." He thought he would be making things with different substances, mixing things, making concoctions. I explained that forensics is a science, but he didn't love the last class that much - something with yarn that wasn't that exciting he said.

My daughter is learning and having a lot of fun!

My child was excited to learn

Love the emphasis on science and experimentation! Nice change to more traditional enrichment programs focused on sports.