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My daughter loves Mad Science and is able to explain everything she learns to us at home. She gets excited for Wednesday afternoons, and we get excited to hear about the activities when she gets home. Thank you for providing a wonderful program that is engaging, informational, and fun!

The children seem to enjoy the class and have enthusiasm about attending. They also have new info on science related demonstrations they learned in class.

We simply love the mad science program because our son enjoys it. He talks about all week and looks forward to the next class. Its obvious that he enjoys the projects and hands on activities they do together.

My 6 year old granddaughter enjoys it.

We love that it’s offered after school and at the school! Our daughter loves the program and looks forward to it each year!

Our daughter loves Mad Science. She really enjoys every session she signs up for and learns a lot from the experience.

The hands on learning.

Our kiddo is so excited every Tuesday morning because he gets to go to Mad Science. He's been very excited to tell us all about what he's done when he comes home and really tries hard to explain what he's learned. I'm so glad this program is made available to the kids!

My child loves it she’s always excited when she comes out to tell what they did that day. Very good program.

My son is very excited about the program. I love that it helps keep leading fun.

My daughter enjoys herself while learning new, fun things!

My son raves about wanting to go every day...he has so much fun

My grandson likes all the fun experiments that they do every week and looks forward to his next class.

I liked that there was a project that lasted the whole week (the robot). Smaller projects came home daily and that was cool. My grandson learned a good lesson in that his robot didn't work at first and it takes patience to go back and do it over! Great job Mad Science!

Our little mad scientist enjoyed his time and learning very much.

It teaches kids to love using their creativity and teaches them about science!!!

My grandson, Riley had a fantastic time at camp this summer! Stuart was incredibly kind, patient and accommodating. Thank you SO much! We will check you out next summer!

Hands on and the children can work at their own pace! My triplets love the camp!

It is so kid friendly and very informative for the ages that attend

How satisfied my son is when he is with the program and how he applies what he has learned to everyday tasks.