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The professors were very engaging and did a great job keeping the kids engaged. The projects were fun, at the right level, and (to my surprise), worked well through Zoom! My only criticism was that it would be great to have all materials needs (including printouts) laid out ahead of time. During the week, I'm not able to keep up with email updates on the class and collect materials or print things out. It would also be nice if every single necessary material was included in the box (even simple things like paper clips), so there wasn't the frantic running around and finding things in the house during the class. Overall, really great camp and thank you for making it happen this year!

Enthusiasm, patience and creativity.

The staff is positive and very skilled in teaching and keeping kids engaged, even virtually. They work together well. The daily structure is so great for kids, with time for introductions, time for a fun lesson and lots of time for hands on challenges!

What has worked best for us are the hands-on activities and the opportunities for the kids to be creative and inventive in addition to following along with the more structured projects. It helps that there's a story to tie all the lessons together. Starting the class with an activity helps. During the classes, however, when there's too much talking or too much waiting for participants to follow directions or get items, my daughter can't sustain focus. The materials list has been confusing as we gather all the items. and then don't use many of them. Or, the class has to wait because other students haven't gathered what they need and can't continue with the activity. It would be much more helpful to have had them in the bags we picked up before class-at least things like the popsicle sticks, templates, rubber bands, etc. The instructors have been great and figuring out how to do all of this online isn't easy. It works much better when there is an adult sitting with the child during the classes. Its a lot of for a young child to manage independently. This afternoon, my daughter turned to me and said, "I'm really liking this camp, now!"

Mad Science is outstanding! Our daughter loves the program. The teachers are excellent and keep the kids engaged throughout the class. They challenge the kids to think and test out their theories in a safe and encouraging environment. Wide range of topics keep the kids interested and asking questions. Awesome!

How friendly the group was and interactive

My daughter loves mad science. She is having fun and learning at the same time. She tells me how much she loves the teacher, I can tell she’s engaged in the lessons and building a life long love of scientific discovery!

My daughter absolutely loves them and learns a lot

My child loves the program and is excited every week for something new to bring home.

I haven’t find anybody else to offer these fun science things. Thanks

My son is having a great time with material he is learning. To see him so interested in something makes me want to let other parents know so their child can get the same kind of enjoyment out of it.

Kids love the programs. Learning and having fun at the same time!!

My daughter thinks the program is very interesting and fun!

Great presentation! Kept the kids engaged and interested. My son loved it!

Interesting, convenient, my son loves to go. It’s really a great experience for all!

We love your activities!!! Thanks for providing.

It exposes children to basic science concepts at an early age. Plus there are take home kits that give kids a chance to experiment at home. My daughter loved the ph test kit. As soon as we got home we tested a bunch of household liquids. She loved it and it was fun to watch her learn!

My daughter is engaged and looks forward to her Mad Science days each week. I like that it's held at her school so my daughter is able to participate. If it were held somewhere else, she could not.

I love that it engages my child with hands-on activies and teaches new skills!

My son enjoys the interactiveness and he says the teacher is really nice