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1575 Delucchi Lane, Suite 207B
Reno, NV 89502
(775) 298-4442
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Recent Reviews:

October 12, 2016
Reno, NV
The people are friendly and do a great Job
October 11, 2016
Sparks, NV
Always on time. Staff if always friendly and they check to see if I need anything else done.
October 11, 2016
Sparks, NV
Flexibility, positive attitude, transparency, and going the extra mile
October 5, 2016
Reno, NV
They do a good job.
October 4, 2016
Karen Garner
Sparks, NV
First is that both cleaning personnel speak English. Second is that they are likable. Third is that they are thorough in their work. Fourth, they are always on time so far. Fifth is that the price is right! We have two little things to work out, but I am sure those will be corrected on the next visit. I am new to the Maid Right service, but so far I have been very pleased with the cleanings!
September 29, 2016
Pamela & Bruce Hahn
Reno, NV
The work that was done, was wonderful! I would highly recommend Maid Right to anyone.
September 22, 2016
Reno, NV
Great service! Easy to schedule and service was fabulous! My house has not been this clean since I bought it! I will be calling you guys again!!
September 1, 2016
Reno, NV
Color coded clothes for cleaning to help w infection control. Paid attention to corners and details
August 24, 2016
Sparks, NV
Good job cleaning our whole house
August 24, 2016
Reno, NV
Prompt arrival and consistent service.
August 23, 2016
Reno, NV
I appreciate thatJill came along to introduce the team and to review the needs we discussed during the set-up interview. Happy to have three team members who worked so well together, who were all diligent, friendly, ...felt rather like members of my family...all were English speaking and alert.
August 10, 2016
Sparks, NV
That I don't have to clean house!
August 4, 2016
Cheri Colletti
Reno, NV
Professional, thorough and will do extra cleaning at my request that doesn't need to be done each time. I like that two people get the job done so quickly.
August 3, 2016
Reno, NV
Very attentive to detail and friendly
July 20, 2016
Reno, NV
The workers are always on time, pleasant, efficient.
June 29, 2016
Reno, NV
Fantastic initial clean and very happy with regularly scheduled clean. Keep up the great work!
June 23, 2016
Sparks, NV
Professional, knowledgeable and friendly staff.
June 8, 2016
Reno, NV
They were able to schedule me quickly and did a great job.
May 24, 2016
Reno, NV
They were very professional and very concerned about the work they did. They did excellent work and my house even smelled clean.
May 18, 2016
Martie Tracy
Sparks, NV
The people were so pleasant and when I came home after a long morning the house just looked and smelled so clean! The last service that I used was not nearly as thorough! Both my son and my husband were impressed too!