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7061 Dexter-Ann Arbor Road
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Love the staff.

I highly recommend Mathnasium of Dexter! My daughter attended here for about 3 years now. This place is not only for students that are struggling but also for those that want to be ahead and put themselves above the grade level. Towhid, the owner, has excellent business ethic and has done a great job creating the clean and orderly environment that allows student to focus. Karen and all other instructors have genuine interests in helping students. They will help your child boost their confidence in math regardless the level they are at!

We have been with mathnasium for a couple of years and are very happy with it! I have three kids using it for different reasons. One is bored at school so using for enrichment, one to keep focused, the other for homework help. One of my kids started off pretty far behind and is now on track. In fact she now likes math and want to do the advanced math course at school next year. Towhid and the instructors are wonderful. They are so patient and good at explaining math to my kids. My kids enjoy going to Mathnasium. I’ve recommended this Mathnasium to several people and they are happy too. Thank you Dexter Mathnasium!

Mathnasium has been very positive and productive for our daughter. They are very concerned with her success, and flexible even when it is challenging to their workload. Most importantly, their teaching style also acknowledges school teaching considerations so their is alignment in the students mind. This is key because if so try to teach her but do not understand how “school” teaches it, then we have miscommunication and a frustrating experience. This is completely diffused by Mathnssium! Thx

Our child enjoys going. His confidence has grown and we are beginning to see his grades improve.

Before we started Mathnasium it was difficult to get my daughter to spend any time with math. Going into 6th grade she was behind by a few grade levels. She goes to Mathnasium twice a week and is always happy to go and always comes out smiling. The Mathnasium program has really boosted her math confidence and although we are still getting caught up she is holding A's in 6th grade math. I really appreciate all of the tutors at the Dexter Mathnasium. There is really a sense of calm among all of the tutors that I have met and they are always happy to be there. The atmosphere is overall really positive and inviting. I would totally recommend Dexter Mathnasium!

Quite, clean and well organized environment that provides wonderful study atmosphere. Prompt and attentive owner. Caring and engaging staffs. Highly recommended!!

I couldn’t be happier with Mathnasium! The tutors and owner are such a pleasure to work with and have really helped my kids. The tutors are very patient taking as long as my kid needs to explain a problem. My kids enjoy going to Mathnasium. I plan on staying with mathnasium until my kids graduate from high school and they are in elementary school right now! I referred 3 additional families from the school we attended last year and from what I can tell they are also pleased with the results.

Mathnasium in Dexter has been great! I love the fact it's a drop in service.

We have been quite pleased with the availability and patient teaching of the staff.

Our son started attending Mathnasium because he was struggling in his advanced math class. I could tell he understood the concepts well but he was getting D's or worse on his exams. The fine folks at Mathnasium were able to diagnose his deficiencies from previous years and get him up to speed again. His exam and quiz grades since starting Mathnasium: A, A-, A-, B+. Those results prove that their system works.

We have had a great experience with Mathnasium of Dexter. When we first started, my daughter was given a free trial session with one of the tutors. Karen has been a tremendous teacher for my daughter who is in Advanced Algebra 2 at Dexter High School. Karen explains things much easier and quicker for my daughter to understand than even her HS teacher. Mathnasium has had a positive impact on her grade this year.

The staff at Mathnasium are professional, knowledgeable and helpful. My son works on his current math as well as problem areas. He is building a good foundation to be successful in math.

The staff and owner are very helpful. I feel very at peace knowing that my daughter is obtaining the skills necessary to be successful in math

Amazing atmosphere, and nice instructors

The center worked with each of my children on a one on one basis and at a level they could approach with confidence. It's a really good program and my kids excelled and improved their skills very quickly. I recommend it highly to anyone wanting to improve on mathnin a short period of time.

I really like the center director. He is flexible and works with my families needs and he is encouraging.

My daughter has enjoyed attending Mathnasium. She has improved her confidence and has developed a more positive outlook about math and the challenges she encounters. She even said she would love to continue to attend Mathnasium even after the summer program.

The team at Mathnasium goes above and beyond. Excellent value for the cost. My son enjoys attending and I am seeing a increase in his math ability confidence!