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Henderson, NV 89044
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I’m a college student and needed help with math. The management and staff were consistently patient, kind and encouraging. From my personal experience, it’s clear that they are professional and knowledgeable, not just with math, but take great care to keep the environment safe. The staff has been trained to use different techniques to help students understand math concepts intuitively and helped me tremendously. I can definitely say, that anyone would be very happy sending their students here!

Friendly and knowledgable staff.

Awesome teaching personnel and always friendly environment. My child does not go to Mathnasium because she has to, but because she wants to. We had tremendous improvement in math and we are so happy that the center is open again. Separate Thanks for center Director Kenny, he is always on top of his business and keeps us informed, involved, and interested. Highly recommend Mathnasium!!!

The learning experience is very positive and enriching. The teachers are patient and willing to teach. A great learning journey

My daughter has been here for 1 month and is already getting 100% on math tests - she loves to come and her confidence has improved significantly!

Kenny and his team is great. They have created an environment where my 6 year old wants to go and learn math every week. Thank you

My son was a C student before he started going to Mathnasium. Now he is an A’s in math. We would like to thank the whole staff from Mathnasium for all their hard work!

My daughter really is enjoying her teaching and looks forward to each class

Mathnasium of Anthem is the best. We love Nick and his team. They all rock. A+

The staff is amazing and truly cares about each student. My daughter started out struggling with math to adding large numbers in her head and gaining confidence as well. I can't say enough about our whole experience there. Somehow they managed to turn math into a fun and positive experience.

My daughter loves Mathnasium! She starting to like math again after a rough start to 4th grade!

My son struggles with a lot of areas of math. It has been nice to know that Mathnasium has found those grey areas, and has put a lesson plan in place for him to be/feel more confident when doing math. Mathnasium also helps him with his current algebra 1 class, they help him prepare for his quzzies/tests. It's really nice that they are open six days a week.

We are coming up on a year now, and our daughter visits just about every day they are open because she thinks math is fun! We actually extended our membership in the spring because she was sad that our 6 months were already up, and we continued through the summer because she didn't want to take time off. Mathnasium was a blessing for us in keeping her interested, engaged, and challenged in math when school didn't offer that opportunity, and now she just goes because she loves it and enjoys seeing all of the instructors there. As parents who aren't good at all in math – thank you!

Mathnasium has been a nice experience for us to help have our kids get a strong base in math established. We have been going for a month and so far the kids still enjoy it, and look forward to going to study math which is a great start right there.

I like the team at Anthem location, all are really good instructors and kenny is very patience enough to listen and help according to my needs. I recommend my family and friends.

At Mathnasium, the instructors truly care about the experience that the child is having. I appreciate their constant feedback of my kids progress

I have never seen my kids happier to learn. There are zero complaints when I say it’s time to go to Mathnasium. In fact my youngest gets upset when I tell her that we can’t go today. That says a lot about the staff and how they make learning math fun for kids. All three of my children attended this summer but my oldest attended last summer and for a third of the school year. It made all the difference in her math confidence and this normal C student in math got an A in math in her last quarter of the school year. Can’t say enough good things about Mathnasium.

Such a positive place for learning!! The staff is the best!! If you stay consistent the program will work.

Our kids went to Mathnasium for 2 years. Over that time, they asked us to go to math. Once there they often didn’t want to leave. They loved there time there. It was a place to go have fun, oh, and learn a bunch of math along the way. We would still be there had we not had to move out of the city. We miss all the amazing instructors!

I highly recommend my daughter took her grade from a c to an A minus within three months