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December 1, 2016
Larry and the Instructors were very helpful and flexible. Our son got the help he needed for his SAT.
December 1, 2016
Everyone is friendly and helpful and that you start the kids were they need not just jump in with what they are struggling with in school, although they can get some help with that also.
November 27, 2016
November 7, 2016
Debby Claussen
Our son learned a lot here, and it was all at his own rate. It helped him catch up on math he had forgotten or never understood. He is now in college math in high school. I would definitely recommend.
November 2, 2016
Glenda Stone
Any concerns brought to Larry as addressed quickly and thoroughly all in an effort to support my child and his success.
November 1, 2016
Larry and his staff where easy to work with.
October 25, 2016
My son was failing math and the school threatened to have him repeat the 4th grade. He still struggles with math, but now has the skills to work through it. His last grade in math was an A!
October 5, 2016
Larry is wonderful to work with. My son has been with Mathnasium for 3 years now, previously struggling with math and now maintaining an A/B in advanced courses. The staff is very helpful, invests the time to ensure that there is a clear understanding of concepts before they move on to a new learning. The piece of mind knowing that they can assist with homework, present information in a way that is easier to understand is priceless. Math is such an important subject, building a strong foundation for advanced learning is extremely important. Thanks to Mathnasium, this goal can clearly be achieved for students!
September 20, 2016
Everyone was great at the center. Thanks Mr. Shannon for your continued support
September 13, 2016
Our daughter has improved her Math skills tremendously! She enjoys going to Mathnasium,because she knows she will get the help she needs to be successful in Math.
September 3, 2016
We loved it and she learned a lot.
August 28, 2016
great staff with extensive knowledge even with higher level math.
August 26, 2016
Astarte Barnett
Thus far we have been pleased
August 17, 2016
Janet Fisk
I love that my Granddaughter used to say she hated in 2 short months she is saying she loves math. That little gift card motivation doesn't hurt either!!!!
August 14, 2016
Aurora Feng
Mathnasium give my kids the confidence they need. Before Mathnasium, my daughter Amanda hated math, After she start Mathnasium, she said she like math. I could not believe what I heard, until her grades changed from stray C to stray A in math. I realized that it was not math what she hated, but the way I was teaching her. Mathnasium helps kids with there math on the way kid would enjoy. Now my son loves going to Mathnasium as well. Thank you Arrowhead Mathnasium team!
August 14, 2016
We had a good experience.
August 1, 2016
Ewana Robertson
My daughter is receiving the one on one attention that she needs. She is discovering new tools to use when understanding and solving problems.Her confidence in problem solving is strengthening. I also am pleased at their patience and attention to their students.
July 30, 2016
My son loves Mathnasium!
July 29, 2016
Larry and the team at Mathnasium do an amazing job at helping my kids With math. My oldest was really struggling and didn't want to participate. Larry made him feel at ease.
July 9, 2016
Happy with the experience. Knowledge is improving. Wondering if daughter should be moving faster. Don't want the same distractions from school to slow her at the center.