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June 24, 2017
My son enjoys it's, the instructors are highly knowledgeable and easy to communicate with. The program it's very affordable and conveniently located.
May 4, 2017
I have witnessed a tremendous change in the Vanessas' confidence level. Her understanding of math, and even other subjects at school, have really boosted her morale. These sessions have really helped her along and we are all very happy with the outcome so far. Thank you for your help.
April 10, 2017
Travis Frosch
I love the fact that my daughter LOVES going to Mathnasium. Math is by far the most challenging subject for her and you and your staff make it enjoyable for her. I appreciate the quarterly reviews with the team so that we can ensure alignment and we are monitoring her progress. Thank you!
March 27, 2017
Alice Snyder
We appreciate Mathnasmium's flexibility to work with our hectic schedules. Since beginning Mathnasium, my daughter has pulled her math grade up from a D to a B.
March 14, 2017
We are very happy with the improvements we have seen.
March 1, 2017
Heather Shields
My daughter has been going to Mathnasium for over a year and LOVES it! Not only has it helped her skills, but she is more confident in the Math assignments she is doing at school. Her grades have improved and I feel very confident that all of the areas where she was lacking, she is now mastering. My son who is in the gifted class at school has been begging to go to Mathnasium. He's always been an A student in Math, but he has been begging me to go so we recently signed him up. He's having so much and is learning so many tips and tricks to make Math easier. Mathnasium is a great after school enrichment program for kids who love Math too!
February 8, 2017
Renee Cherowitz
My daughter has increased her confidence in her abilities which reflects on her attitude and willingness to engage in her math homework/ studies. She has been working on her mathematical foundation. Without this foundation to build upon she would continue to struggle. Within a month her math scores have already improved! She loves going to Mathnasium and math homework is not a battle!
October 30, 2016
Everyone at Mathnasium is very friendly and seem very concerned with helping the students do well. A great atmosphere that my daughter enjoys.
October 17, 2016
Aiden loves it! He really looks forward to going and all of the math coaches are so incredibly helpful and patient. He is finally enjoying math.
September 8, 2016
It helped my son get through 7th and 8 th grade math. He enjoyed the instructors as well.
August 27, 2016
It is helping my girls to have interest and that is a huge turn around
August 23, 2016
It was an awesome experience. Lovely personal with good academic preparation. Kind people with kids with disabilities.Thanks
July 18, 2016
May 14, 2016
My daughter has improved in her math skills and her confidence has increased as well. I appreciate all the hard work and effort your tutors do each and every day!
May 9, 2016
my daughter has improved tremendously since she started this schoo .
April 8, 2016
Emerson has continued to have very positive experiences with Mathnasium. She enjoys going and is showing signs of improvement in her schoolwork.
February 28, 2016
It's been a great experience for our daughter!
February 4, 2016
James has been helped immensely by mathnasium, our family is very grateful for all the care and effort the people at mathnasium gave to our son, we have actually referee friends to you and they are happy too, thankyou fernanda and staff
February 1, 2016
Sandra Kemraj Ramjawam
My daughter's confidence in Mathematics increased tremendously shortly after she started Mathnasium. She maintained her "A" grade in Math at elementary and now at Middle school. Thanks to the team at Mathnasium, my child can break down problems and solve them without frustration. Great Job to the Mathnasium team for instilling such confidence and encouragement in my child!!!
January 12, 2016
I have been very impressed with Mathnasium of Belle Isle! The staff, from Ms. Fernanda to Anna and Erin on down through the guys, is wonderful- skilled at both math and working with kids. My teenager is eager to go and actually has fun while there. I appreciate that the focus is on both the work the student is doing in school and the skills the student in lacking as revealed through an assessment so my child gets help with school math as needed while also filling in the holes of lessons gone by that weren't fully mastered. There is an emphasis on understanding what you are doing and why, not just lean this series of things to do to solve a problem without an understanding of the reasoning behind it. We like the no homework (unlike Kumon), that you can get help with your school homework for half the lesson if you want, that you don't set an appointment- just drop in as your schedule allows.. But most of all, Fernanda and her wonderful tutors have created a warm and inviting atmosphere where it is fun to learn math. It has been well worth the money. Just wish we had started earlier.