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The staff are all wonderful. They are very friendly and knowledgeable. In only a few weeks my daughter has already learned so much. I would highly recommend this location.

My son seems to enjoy how he is learning. He requests to go everytime and talks about what he accomplishes there.

My 11 year old HATED math! After the 1st day is said he loved it so much he wanted to go every day. He's been going a little over a month now & still loves it. Haven't seen a grade improvement yet but definitely an attitude improvement!

All of the tutors have been awesome. My 9 year old is in 4th grade and asks to go. We don’t have to make her. She has fun and is learning different ways that she can understand.

It’s been effective in helping the kids gain some knowledge and confidence

Our son has been getting help with his Geometry and the "holes" in his skills for a month. His grade has gone from a D to a C...he got an 88% on his first test taken after he started tutoring. More importantly, he feels much better about the material and is now able to respond to questions in class. He knows he is being helped by attending the Mathnasium. Susan and Hayes (owners of the Mathnasium at Briargate) are both excellent tutors, and they also hire great tutors. We are so thankful for the Mathnasium! Our son is not only learning his current material, but will also be much more prepared for Algebra 2 next year. We love that he can go any time he needs help, as well as whenever we have time in our busy schedules. If you add up the cost of a private tutor, at $25/hour for 12 hours/month (and you can get more than 12 hours), it's a much better option to join the Mathnasium! We are impressed with how quickly he is improving.

Mathnasium- has been awesome at helping my son fill in the gaps of what he missed along the way so that he can keep caught up with what he’s currently learning . Thanks!

You guys are fabulous! Thank You!

It’s a great place for kids who struggle With math. Susan and Hays are amazing with kids, especially high schoolers. They engage with them for the duration the kids are there and they understand where their struggles are and what teaching styles work for them. We hope to continue working with them throughout our daughters high school years.

My kids did mathnasium last summer and it helped them improve their math skills.

Best experience with all three kids. They really know each family. They are extremely knowledgeable and helpful to work with each child. So glad I found this place. Highly recommended for all children even if you think they don’t need help. I found their method of testing found areas my children needed help with!

We are very pleased with the co-workers, as well as the owners. My daughter absolutely loved going there. She had a great time learning Math. Even though at first she hated math. She is now excited about learning how to do math in different ways. So, happy she attended mathnasium. Thank you!!

Awesome tutors teaching in various ways! Has really helped with my child’s confidence and speed in math. Highly recommend!

The place gets noisy sometimes.

They help in many different math areas.

The staff is very kind and helpful and we felt welcomed and not pressured and they worked with us.

My daughter was helped tremendously with her online Geometry courses that needed an extension in order to satisfactorily complete. Completed on time, with a B+, which allowed her to start the Junior Year of High School with a lot less stress. Thank you Hayes and Susan.

Mathnasium is giving our son the knowledge and confidence he needed to be successful in the coming school year. Every time he comes he says he has fun and likes doing the lessons.

Even though I stress out about math, the hardest subject for me since I began school, I enjoyed working with Hayes, high school, and college students because they explained math to me in ways I could understand it. I passed my PPCC MAT 050-Quantitative Literacy math pre-wreck with a 78% after mainly working with Hayes because he is very familiar with math classes from PPCC and UCCS. FYI, he has worked with both college campuses and their math instructors a lot because he sincerely cares about college students successfully completing their degree. Hayes wife, Susan, is very nice to everyone around her, and she cares about college students successfully completing their degree as well because she is the main one that sends emails to math instructors about what you struggled with the most on the math survey you take and figures out the best way to work in the specific math situation you are currently dealing with. It may depend on what people are struggling with when they take Mathnasium's math survey, but it only took me an hour to do. The Mathnasium survey is never something you get graded on and you don't have to do the entire thing, unless you know to do all of the problems, and only a couple people who took the survey were able to make a perfect score on the survey. All you need to do on the Mathnasium survey is the problems you know how to do. With the math problems you know how to do, they will not have you work on because if you work on the problems you don't have memorized very well yet, you will most likely pass the math classe(s) you need to get through to do what you want to do later on in your life. Mathnasium works with school students of all ages and they are very sympathetic and understanding when their students are frustrated with what they are doing their best to learn.

My daughter actually enjoys attending!