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March 15, 2017
Kristen Seagren
I appreciate that the staff understand our specific goals and are willing to adjust to our daughters needs. The variety of people there to help gives her options as well. This has been a wonderful experience and for the first time in years we are seeing our daughter gain confidence in math class. Thank you for all you do!
March 7, 2017
The environment at Mathnasium is friendly and welcoming. The staff are very flexible and will listen to input. My daughter improved her grades and has a better understanding of her math homework. I really appreciated all the help and would recommend the program to any student struggling with math!!!
February 16, 2017
Mathnasium really improved my daughter understanding of concepts and her grades have gone up. She actually enjoying studying Math at Mathnasium.
February 6, 2017
Michael Workman
My tenth-grade daughter struggled with math for the past couple years, which led to a lot of gaps in her understanding. This compounded her difficulty learning new material, making her feel hopelessly lost, confused and frustrated. Mathnasium evaluated her grasp of all the concepts she has been exposed to in school up to the present, determined areas of weakness and developed a plan to strengthen her entire foundation. Within a month she had completed that plan, while simultaneously receiving instruction on her current material. Her confidence and grades are improving dramatically and she's gone from being lost in class to helping other students.
January 23, 2017
Suneetha Vijayam
It has been one year since my child started going to Mathnesium. She improved tremendously and now enjoys math. Thank you!
January 18, 2017
Great experience overall!
January 11, 2017
Sally Conboy
The staff at Mathnasium helped my son recover not only his grade but his self-confidence. Thank you!
January 4, 2017
I used Mathnasium in the summer for both my boys. It helped my sons to master their math skills and improve on areas that are missing during the school year. One graduated high school and the other is in the 10th grade taking pre-calculus. Both had "A's" in math but more importantly they understand the reasoning behind the equations. Mathnasium is a place to work at your own pace and also help with math scores for ACT/SAT.
November 17, 2016
My daughter has improved so much in her understanding of math has great confidence she have even improved in all areas of her school work I attribute her improvement to her time with the great staff at mathnasium!
November 10, 2016
My son is 7 years old. Due to personal issues he joined 1st grade in January. He missed a lot from school and I thought I should have him join some tutoring classes. I signed him for Kumon were they did a placement test and told me that he needs Reading and math classes. We started with them. After close to 10 months and hundreds of papers done at their place and as homework (that I needed to check and correct).. He was doing subtraction in his school (and he was doing great) while in Kumon he was still doing addition!!!! I addressed that with them and their answer was (he's not fast enough!!). Kumon is so structured and they don't think outside the box. On the other hand, Mathnasium has been GREAT with my kid. They started the placement test and they addressed his weaknesses... Made him practice what he needs to be better at and they give him ideas of how to think outside the box! How to make the problem solvable from another perspective. They don't give him homework, but he's welcome to go 6 days a week. Where, by the way, they do more like a one-on-one sessions. They make it personal. They make it fun. He's advancing there faster than in his school (that's the point of tutoring) and the main point is HE LOVES IT!!! Oh when I remember the nightmare that is Kumon: my son hated it, we were fighting all the time for him to do his homework (on top of the homework he gets from his school).. Even there, he would do his work on his own.. They were not spending special time with him to teach him tricks or techniques.. They were mostly trying to get him to MEMORIZE BY HEART additions!! I'm so happy with Mathnasium and I highly recommend it to everyone who needs it! Good luck.
November 8, 2016
The Mathnasium staff has helped my children understand math concepts better than the teachers in their schools!
October 24, 2016
Overall, it was a good experienceZ
September 12, 2016
We haven't been coming very long, but my son already seems more confident!
September 12, 2016
Our daughter was struggling pretty bad with math and in a 3 months time her failing grade was brought up to a C+. And with the start of this year she maintaining her A
August 15, 2016
Liam has enjoyed going to Mathnasium and keeping his attention is remarkable :)
August 12, 2016
The instructors are amazing. My girls quickly became fans and ask to return.
July 21, 2016
My girls love playing math games and your teachers are fantastic!
July 4, 2016
Sabine Charles
They give you child individual learning which is important and they are friendly
July 1, 2016
Jerry Ned
Helped my daughter get a 3 letter grade improvement
May 21, 2016
Very Helpful and seen improvements in my child!