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18905 W. Capitol Drive, Suite 108
Brookfield, WI 53045
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Very customer focused

Mathnesium has been great for Abby. She really enjoys the instructors and has learned a lot. She is now consistently getting A's in math and often tells me that she already knows what is being taught in class. Mathnesium came at an important point in Abby's schooling. Abby was starting to get frustrated with math and was unfortunately thinking that she was not good at it. This would lead to fights when I tried to help Abby with her math. This was especially disheartening to me because I am well aware of the stereotype that girls aren't good at math and I did not want Abby selling herself short. The difference I have seen in Abby's performance in math class has been like night and day since she started at Mathnesium.

Great transition to online learning. Friendly instructors.

My son likes to be there.

Great experience. Kid fell in love with the instructors. Director gladly worked with us on payment terms & scheduling.

It is the best investment you can make for your children! Their confidence grows and they make peace with maths. It was the best decision we have made. My kids enjoy going there every time.

Amazing , convenient and helpful.

My son was behind in his math and had lost confidence in his abilities. Mathnasium helped him to feel more confident and his scores on standardized testing improved dramatically. His teacher was very impressed with his progress. So thankful we started him in this program.

Anne and staff are great ! Very positive, encouraging and want to see your child succeed !!

Alexandra is getting great help at Mathnasium. It's taking a lot of pressure off of her. Thanks so much

I like the flexibility of coming when it works for us and not set times.

The Director Anne was very helpful in orientating us to how Mathnasium works. Also, helped to indentify tutors that work well with our son. When I had questions or concerns She called me right back. My son was having panic attacks at school as the teacher did not teach the information in a way he could understand, We take him to work on his math and the tutors explain the material in a way he comprehends. What a relief for us, and now he is working on preparing for the ACT. [NAME REMOVED]

Kids love math more. Excelling at school and are more confident.

Mathnasium in Brookfield has made a huge difference for both my daughters. They went from getting Ds and Cs to getting As two years in a row. The program not only built up their skills and confidence, but allowed each to excel in their individual math classes. Enrolling my daughters in the program was the best decision I could have made for them. The Brookfield staff is friendly and accommodating and all are truly invested in helping students understand and succeed at math.

It’s fun for the kids!

Very nice group are working there . Very warm welcome and very helpful group are there Very clean place

Catching up and dealing with the current math agenda has been addressed small challenge. Well done!

Ellie expresses having more confidence in her math class which I’m delighted to hear. She actually enjoys going (roughly 3 times weekly) and it is never something I need to remind her of. Her math grade is improving and that os the proof that makes it all worthwhile. Kind regards, Mary Beth

It’s just been a month so there is just a few things I can share at this point ..... I like how I get updates on his progress . Most importantly my son wants to go to Mathnasium, he is excited about being there n that’s awesome!