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Brookfield, WI 53045
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Ellie expresses having more confidence in her math class which I’m delighted to hear. She actually enjoys going (roughly 3 times weekly) and it is never something I need to remind her of. Her math grade is improving and that os the proof that makes it all worthwhile. Kind regards, Mary Beth

It’s just been a month so there is just a few things I can share at this point ..... I like how I get updates on his progress . Most importantly my son wants to go to Mathnasium, he is excited about being there n that’s awesome!

Our girls love going to mathnasium and we have seen a significant improvement and confidence in our girls . We would highly recommend it .

Kids never complain bout going. Confidence in Math facts has grown

My child loved mathasium

My daughter loves going to Mathnasium! The instructors are encouraging and consistent. The director greets us warmly and communicates with her school teacher without me having to do anything. Mathnasium has helped my daughter gain confidence and not feel so intimidated by math.

Our son Om went for Math tutoring at Brookfield Mathnasium and our experience has been excellent. Instructors were great and my son has improved a lot. Overall, his grade had improved after he started going to Mathnasium. I will highly recommend parents to send their kids here if their kids need that little help with Math. The whole staff is extremely friendly, especially Ann. Amazing lady!!

Our children enjoyed going EVERYDAY! They had fun and made great gains.

Very flexible, working with kid’s crazy schedule & absences. Very welcoming. All instructors are math experts & love working with kids. Pleased with kid’s progress & enthusiasm for Mathnasium.

Mathnasium helped my son have fun while learning math and helped give him the confidence he needed. Melissa (mom)

Mathnasium has been a fantastic way for my kids (who have a variance of skill levels) to further their math skills and gain a deeper understanding. It may not be the same thought process as it’s taught in school, but Mathnasium helps them to see math in a different, more thorough way.

Kids enjoyed it very much. Ann is very accommodating and helpful!!!

Excellent tutors. Friendly, builds confidence and improved math skills.

I think Ann is great and everyone at the center is doing a great job with the students!

The instructors make the material interesting and make my son feel good about his abilities. He always leaves happy amd upbeat.

Great at building math confidence and reinforcing skills.

Kids never complain about going, they are upset when they miss days. They tell me it is really helping them understand things they didn’t get at school.

We love Mathnasium! They are always so nice, fun and helpful! Also, they understand our needs and give us the flexibility needed to fully take advantage of their program. Thank you!

Great staff!! My kids were hesitant at first to go but now look forward to it each time. They have made such great progress in their math skills and confidence level.

Ann, The Director impresses is in our first meeting already showing our kids some new tips and tricks. Our kids were reluctant but have loved every session. Everett and Caroline being some of their favs but good experiences with all of them. You make math fun and are rebuilding their confidence in math. Thank you!