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Carmel, IN 46032
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October 11, 2016
I'm glad to see them following a plan that strengthens their skills without the drudgery. They like working for their prizes.
September 19, 2016
The program is very organized and the work specific to help our children to improve their math knowledge. The staff are available to support the questions and to help the students. The children are observed for any help they may need,and they are not left to struggle aimlessly. The staff are professional, kind, educated, and caring. I would recommend Mathnasium to friends.
September 2, 2016
Neena Kamath
My son enjoys dong math and looks fwd to his Mathnasium session!Math is no longer a subject to study and get good grades but is fun time with numbers.
August 22, 2016
My child still loves coming to Mathnasium! The instructors are kind and caring.
August 17, 2016
My son loves going to Mathnasium. Math is now his favorite subject. He almost always gets A's for Math. His confidence has also improved.
August 15, 2016
Gretchen Blair
Mathnasium continues to excite my daughter. She looks forward to going twice a week.
August 15, 2016
Shane Adams
Extremely committed to the needs of my child! I appreciate the concentrated attention as it's often not available in the school environment.
August 8, 2016
I love that the instructors are enthusiastic and encourage the kids.
August 7, 2016
Brett is amazing!
August 2, 2016
Lauralee Montgomery
Since my son has just started, my recommendation comes more from the eyes of a former instructor and lover of all things math: the foundation of the program and the materials are great. The environment is stimulating and a pleasant place to learn. Even kids who don't like math like to come and then begin to learn and experience math in a different way. Having said that, my son struggles a lot with math, but he likes to go to Mathnasium. Yea! He is learning and math is less of a chore.
July 27, 2016
Outstanding in every way!
July 9, 2016
My daughter actually looks forward to going unlike other programs she has done in the past. Everyone is very helpful and welcoming.
July 3, 2016
My son Aiden (10 yo) is really enjoying his experience with Mathnasium. He is even requesting us to take him there 2x day. My daughter (rising 7th grader) has no complaints, she has decided she wants to continue attending even after the summer.
June 2, 2016
Shannon Wright
Brett and his staff have been great! Each instructor implements mathnasiums primary instruction for learning. The instructor's also add there own unique way of solving problems. This helps me in so many ways as I'm sure it does with so many other students. I am very grateful for the opportunity to learn what I have in such a short time. Although math still presents a big challenge in my future. I am no longer afraid to learn math and I have found myself excited by a subject I wanted nothing to do with in the past due to fear or failure. Thank you Mathnasiums and staff!
June 2, 2016
Our daughters confidence in math and grades have improved.
May 31, 2016
Faith went from a C to an A/B student. We were very pleased with her progress and the confidence she gained in her abilities.
May 15, 2016
Mathnasium has been an adjuvant to our sons math experience It has brought confidence, mastery and fun to math for him. We are very pleased.
May 2, 2016
Walter Mae it with out great support from me Bart'z we would never have made it through high school
April 28, 2016
My son is really enjoying the atmosphere - he looks forward to going!
March 23, 2016
My son has a much better understanding of Math, and his grade increased significantly, all thanks to you!