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420 E. Pleasant Run Rd., Suite 360
Cedar Hill, TX 75104
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My child loves the instructors/tutors. They are vey helpful and are not at all, condesending

Mathnasium has been a blessing in our family. We’ve experienced what no stress in math could look like! Our son feels more confident in his school work, and better prepared for his tests. Thank you!

They help me with my homework.

My son has improved greatly while at Mathnasium of Cedar Hill.

My daughter is learning and understanding the concepts more.

More focus on math skills needed for school. What the kids are doing in class. But everything else was great

My son has gotten more confidence when working with math since he started Mathansium a year ago. He has mastered a lot of different skills that I know he couldn't of gotten done with just regular school. He never complains about going, likes the environment and feels comfortable with the tutors he has. I am very pleased with him going there.

In the beginning my daughter thought this was going to be another math tutorial class that will not make any impact on her skills, but she soon realize that Mathnesium was different. She has not clocked two months at Mathnesium yet but she is happy I took her there. Her grades has improved. She is no longer nervous about math. It’s a win win situation for us all! Thanks Mathnesium!

Everything was great. My daughter did improve her test scores.

So far everything has been great. The real test will be once my daughter re-takes her exam and results come in.

I have had a wonderful experience with the program

My daughter was not confident at all doing math when she first started. Now she has made all A’s in math and did great on the STAAR exam.

My son enjoys the 1:1 attention and he is always happy when I pick him up. He likes playing the games and I know he is getting more than just the "fun" part.

Awesome facility for learning.

Very professional & such a convenience to not go at a set hour. My daughters have had many gains in math these past few months & I am very appreciative of this program & the great tutors here.

Our family love Mathnasium of Cedar Hill. The atmosphere and service is excellent and conducive to scholars school schedules. I've recommended Mathnasium of Cedar Hill to an entire campus as well as many families in my community. The results are always superb! Thank you so much Cedar Hill Mathnasium or being an essential part of our village! Tamara Jackson

My daughter attended Mathnasium for a little over a year. When she started, she had very little confidence in herself regarding Math. She questioned everything she did, which led to a lot of mistakes for her. After attending Mathnasium, her confidence level in Math increased dramatically. She went from a STAAR math score of approaching her grade level to Mastering her grade level. I know that without the help of Mathnasium, my daughter would still be struggling in Math.

Mathnasium helped me pass the staar test

Mathnasium made learning fun for my teenage son. He looked forward to the sessions, I believe, because of the incentive program and he enjoyed the tutors. He actually learned math concepts that we just could not get at home. I witnessed him compute math problems using the skills he acquired from tutoring. I like the fact that Mathnasium allows students to come almost every day of the week without being charged extra.

Jackson loves the incentive card that allow him to purchase toys. The approach to math works for alll types of learners and encourages confidence in math. I live this place.