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I have been very pleased with our experience with Mathnasium. I was worried that there would not be a tutor available who could help with my 11th grader's level of math. Not only was Mathnasium able to help with Pre-calculus, my son's tutor was also able to help him with Physics! I never thought that would be an option until he suggested it! We have had an excellent experience with both in-person and on-line instruction for both classes. We have also worked with the tutor on SAT/ACT prep. Overall, it has been a wonderful experience!

We are very happy with Mathnasium! All of if Sullivan’s grade have gone up

My daughter learns more from your tutors than her teachers

Everyone I met was so personable and seemed genuinely interested in my child's academics. They were great to work with me from a customer service standpoint and always open to solutions for my child to get the most out of their enrollment.

My granddaughter finds it very helpful working one on one.

Very pleased with the progress you are making with my grandson. He has been getting the help he needs in a very kind and patient environment and feels it has been helping him a great deal. Thank you so much!

From the moment we walked in for an assessment, we felt welcomed and felt this would definitely be the resource we needed to help my daughter overcome her anxiety and weaknesses in math.

Mathnasium has been Great!! My granddaughter enjoys it and has brought up her math grade.

My daughter actually enjoys math now. She identified some building blocks she "blanked" on when being taught in school and had the help to fix those deficiencies. I wish we had Mathnasium when I was a kid! I only wish you had a location on James Island.

Thank you for helping my son understand the concepts of math. He's doing much better in his school math class.

Great place

Everyone does a great job with tutoring, helping with homework, preparing for tests and building confidence in understanding math. Thank you!!

We love the West Ashley Mathnasium location. The staff is very friendly and supportive. My granddaughter's MAP score jumped from 78% to 90% after attending the summer session. Due to scheduling conflicts, we reluctantly had to stop, but my 12-year-old can't wait to return in March.

Thus far, it has been a tremendous help for my son!

The tutoring is amazing. My boys are progressing. I have had some financial questions that I felt were answered with some annoyance. The email communication hadn't been that great. I do appreciate the growth but it is expensive, especially with two kids. I wish I could do this for a year but unfortunately one month is all we can afford right now.

My son really loves to come to mathanasium. His math grades has really been improved.

My child looks forward to her mathnasium sessions! Even though she dislikes Math, she loves going to mathnasium! Great instructors with engaging tutors really keeps her attention.

Mathnasium is awesome!! My granddaughter has been doing very well in math. We have seen a difference in her grades and she loves attending Mathnasium.

Absolutely without a doubt the best move we have made! Spectacular instruction with great planning so that nothing falls through the cracks.

Pro: The staff is very helpful. My son says, “I’m getting better and better in math homework!” Con: You need to be open on Friday afternoons, be open for a lot for more hours on Saturdays, and be open on Sundays! The kids needbmore time to work with tutors on the weekends, especially since that’s when they have don’t have after-school activities that prevent them from getting to use your services more during the week. Also, the parents are free to drive the kids to tutoring In the weekends when they are not in work. Your hours of 4-7 are too limited. My kid’s school doesn’t even have dismissal until 3:30 PM, so by the time he rides the bus from school and then has to wait for his parents to come pick him up and to be driven to the tutoring site Fighting traffic, there’s barely enough time before your office closes. Your hours are better built for elementary schools, but are not out well for middle and high school students.