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Absolutely without a doubt the best move we have made! Spectacular instruction with great planning so that nothing falls through the cracks.


Pro: The staff is very helpful. My son says, “I’m getting better and better in math homework!” Con: You need to be open on Friday afternoons, be open for a lot for more hours on Saturdays, and be open on Sundays! The kids needbmore time to work with tutors on the weekends, especially since that’s when they have don’t have after-school activities that prevent them from getting to use your services more during the week. Also, the parents are free to drive the kids to tutoring In the weekends when they are not in work. Your hours of 4-7 are too limited. My kid’s school doesn’t even have dismissal until 3:30 PM, so by the time he rides the bus from school and then has to wait for his parents to come pick him up and to be driven to the tutoring site Fighting traffic, there’s barely enough time before your office closes. Your hours are better built for elementary schools, but are not out well for middle and high school students.

We love the concept behind Mathnasium and the personal approach. For example, the leadership is interested in knowing which tutors your child feels most comfortable with and they make a real effort to match the kids up with those tutors. We appreciate the encouragement and interest that they show in the kids.

I like the inclusion sessions and the notebooks to show his work.

Great foundation in math for kids

I think it is a great value for the money spent. I like that I can drop him off and leave to do errands then come back. He does not seem resistant to going, and the fighting between us has stopped. I’m a college instructor so I thought I could teach our son who doesn’t like math. I know now that is really a terrible idea and better left to the pros.

Very helpful! Convenient hours.

My granddaughter started around four months ago and enjoys her sessions tremendously. This week her teacher asked if she could be moved up to 7th grade honors math. She is very nervous but is reassured knowing mathnasium will assist with homework.

Its a great place for kids to enjoy learning Maths at Mathnasium. After attending few classes they started loving Maths.

My granddaughter absolutely loves going to Mathnasium. She had a horrible year- and just gave up trying to learn . Math is a subject that either makes sense or it doesn’t. She agreed to give Mathnasium a chance because she was frustrated and humiliated and was afraid she would never catch up. Her teachers at Mathnasium from day one were friendly and encouraging. They explained a concept but guided her to use her brain to figure it out- and she has! What a joy to see her happy and proud again! Thank you.

After your child’s assessment, Mathnasium comes up with a strategy, trust them with this strategy. If you feel like you need to adjust or discuss this strategy, they are extremely open minded and thoughtful about your concerns.

Highly recommend. This is a wonderful resource both for kids who are struggling and math and those who want to get ahead. Great staff.

My daughter loves it. So far she has only going there from little over a month now, so really hard to say anything. But I'm positive that she'll do good because all the Instructors are very nice. Thank you Mathnasium!

My boys were surprised at how much they could enjoy math!

My daughter was having difficulties in her honors math class so I decided to sign her up with Mathnasium. Since then, she exceed her end of the year standardized math score! Mr. Edward and his staff is extremely professional and welcoming. I definitely recommend Mathnasium.

Skilled, effective, and friendly staff. Will continue to use the service.

Mathnasium is a great learning center. It brings joy to my 9 year old to attend. His scores have increased during his short time there. I recommend Mathnasium for anyone whose child is either struggling or just need a boost of confidence in math.

Since enrolling, my daughters grades has improved significantly.

My daughter has struggled off and on with math since the fourth grade. We have been very impressed with our daughters progress while attending Mathnasium. Consistency is the key and when we are consistently bringing her she continues to improve.