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My son loves it

Mathnasium has been amazing during this pandemic. I'm so happy to have something for my kids to stay engaged. Ed has been very accommodating and kind during all of this!

The tutors are so patient and thoughtful. They are very in tune with what the student needs. This is not a one size fits all environment. My son has been met at his educational and maturity level and is thriving. I’d recommend this Mathnasium to anyone. It is a ego boost for my son and frankly, it has completely eliminated any at home struggles over math. I can focus on doing other things with my son that don’t cause conflict!

Great expectation systematic learning experience for advancement thx

Mathnasium of Columbia has been a great experience for our 6th grader, who transitioned to the HCPSS school district from the Midwest, and jumped two grade levels in Math to G/T. In addition to offering plenty of face time with teachers (6 days a week), the center also offers the flexibility of not having to schedule your session. The monthly fee is comparable with other centers, but this center offers a much better value for money. We had first enrolled at the center in Ellicott City, but soon felt restricted by the limit on sessions and the requirements of prior scheduling. The convenience of being able to walk to the center was not enough to balance against the dramatic reduction in classroom time, which was more critical for our child. We have seen steady improvement in results in the four months that our child has been enrolled here. Obviously, we are very pleased with the decision to move him to this center. I will enthusiastically recommend Mathnasium of Columbia to any aspiring parent and student.

Great staff and experience at Mathnasium,!

It’s helpful for my kids

Very friendly and caring staff members. They truly care about the children and their education.

Mr. Ed, Ms. Tina, and all the tutors at Mathnasium of Columbia genuinely care about every student. The center hours are extremely convenient and flexible. My kids love going and actually say “math is so easy”!!! Their improvement is reflected in their grades.

I love Mathnasium, Columbia MD. The staff is wonderful. The program has been very beneficial to my children. I highly recommend the place if your children need help or you want them to be perfect at math.

Joy is more advanced in math . I’m very sorry it had to stop so soon.

Thank you for making it possible for the kids to continue learning & advancing their skills during this pandemic.

We love Mathnasium, Columbia MD. The staff is wonderful. The program has been very beneficial to our children. They have excelled in math with this program.

My daughter loves going to Mathnasium. Also, her performance at school has improved.

Our daughter recently told us " I like math again" and even participated in a math compitition. So glad to hear it. Math used to be her favorite subject ... glad it's back in the running and she's not talking herself into "not being good at math". Common Core was the start of the turnoff...she went from being a really good math student to one hating math when the schools introduced the new strategy. Thank you Mathnasium.

Great staff, see improvement in math for my son....

I am very pleased with the service and results. Ms. Tina and Mr. Ed take great care to ensure that our kids are getting the best from their learning experience. I highly recommend them.

It’s very crowded but my child really enjoys going. I can’t tell whether it has helped his math yet. I think it would be helpful to get regular feedback from the tutors. Some of them seem really engaged and others are very stand-off Still, it’s the best thing going for our family. It is a nice place to get homework done and that has eliminated a lot of stress at home

Mr. Ed and staff are wonderful.

My son is doing great at Mathnasium!