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6501 Whitesville Road Suite 100
Columbus, GA 31904
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Great service. Makes my 9th grader to be confident in class and be intrigued and curious about mathematics instead of being scare by it.

It’s really helpful. All my kids has now A plus.

Great place! They do a wonderful job with math tutoring.

They have helped my son the past several years maintain a good grade in math. It’s so nice that we can pick what time and day he needs to go instead of having to make an appointment like other tutors we have used in the past.

Since going to Mathnasium, our daughter is making A’s in math and on her report card! Her confidence and self esteem has gone through the roof, and she’s smiling about Math (which usually never happened) We make it our business to ensure she’s there at least 4 times a week, and they assist her with her homework, if needed. At Mathnasium, the atmosphere is nurturing with a strong sense of expectation. Give the process time to work. It’s worked for our daughter. Kind regards, Self confidence, self esteem, and math

Starting my daughter was not interested to go ,now she was so interested to go and the staffs are friendly, she is having fun.

It’s really work and helpful for my 3 kids.

Serena has been going to mathnasium since last summer, and as I've said before she loves it, and it has definitely made a difference in her grades and her fear of math. The staff is Awesome. She is doing really well, an A on her report card in math!!!🤗🤗We hope to let her continue to go for as long as their doors are open. And this is from someone who drives a little over an hour at least three times out of the week to get her there, and that's just to get her there. Round trip two hours. But definitely worth it when I see how her confidence level has changed!!!!

My daughter started tutoring last month, and she loves it! She seems more excited about math.

Mathnasium is absolutely fantastic!! The instructors are phenomenal, and the atmosphere is outstanding! They always make you feel welcome and at home when you enter. My son Eli went from not being a "big fan" of math, and now it is his favorite subject!!! I still cannot believe the difference they have made. We are so very thankful that we found this amazing place! He has learned so much, and is actually ahead! He also looks forward to the rewards that they so kindly provide for his hardwork.

We love the attention that our daughter received from all the staff. They are wonderful and always so encouraging and very supportive. I would tell anyone if your child needs help with math this is the place to be. Our daughter has improved amazingly and her self esteem is greater now because Math is easy now!!! Thanks for all the great job that you guys are doing for our children.

My daughter’s math grade has improved tremendously. Everyone here is extremely friendly and helpful. You can tell that every one there really cares about my daughter. Thank you so much for all you do.

Thanks to Mathnasium, my daughter tells me how much she's enjoying math now - a first in her entire school career!

My daughter is really good at math right now because of Mathanisum. They teach in a fun way :)

My son has learned math foundations that he never got in regular school. He loves Mathnasium and he is no longer afraid of math class. I wish that math in public school was taught like it is here. Tracy Zitzelberger

Reyna is really enjoying Mathnasium! Her grades have really improved and she is now regularly getting A’s in her school math tests. The team at Mathnasium are great too, they’re very friendly and supportive.

My son really feels it has helped him. He wants to continue to go so you know it is helping and giving him an advantage in school.

Wow, where do I began. My little girl struggled with math last school term to the point to where she would just cry. Since going there, her confidence has skyrocketed. She now says she "loves" math 🤗🤗🤗Who would have ever thought. She loves all of the instructors. School has just started but so far I can definitely see an improvement. She's more independent. I one hundred percent recommend it to whomever, wish we had known about it earlier. Even on rainy days when I don't like driving, because of the distance,She insists on going. She LOVES it!!!!,and so do I😃😃😃

The people are very friendly and patient while working with my daughter. She has began to become more confident in her work and looks forward to seeing the tutorsz