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My son Joshua was able to expand his love for math at Mathnasium Cypress! Learning was alot of fun and there seemed to be a lot of celebrating the childrens achievements! Master checks were his favorite and the rewards for cool prizes kept him coming back for more!

Great director and staff!

I think I told you previously. My eldest grandson was trying to get into the Marines. His test scores were to low. After 10 sessions with Mathnasium, he passed the military entrance test. Thank you for your help in him having the opportunity to secure a good future.

My granddaughter benefitt3d from your tutoring last year and my eldest grandson also benefited this year from your tutoring. He was having trouble passing the advab testing with 5he Marine Recruiters. After taking 1p lessons with you, he passed with flying colors. Thank you for your teaching method if explaining to the student, math is looked at as a language. It really made learning a lot easier for them.

I'm glad my son has gained confidence in his math and studies.

My son attended Mathnasium Cypress for his 6th grade second semester! The work and instruction was exactly what he needed at the time! The environment was very friendly and welcoming!

Grandkids feedback- the lessons are fun! I don’t know what’s fun about Math! But they are enjoying!

Both of my kids spent a few months at Mathnasium this past school year. Their confidence in math increased greatly as well as their performance at school. My son's math grade went from an F to an A. A big part of that was his mind shift about math from a a great math teacher and the help from Mathnasium

My daughter has improved her math grade and comprehension. Chris is fantastic.

Wonderful staff, they clearly care about creating a positive environment for learning math.

It's a great place for kids. I like the flexibility in the schedule.

The management and staff are all so very loving and caring with the parents and students! It feels like a family.

The program really helped my daughter regain her confidence in math.

My son has made great progress in Math. He has been attending Mathnasium for 4 years and it has been a great support.

Very helpful

My daughter has been very frustrated with math for the last year or two and especially had a difficult year with math last year. Combined with a more encouraging teacher this year and the support of Mathnasium, her math skills as well as her attitude about learning math are improving. She enjoys going and the card system is especially motivating for her. .

Ashlyn is doing much better with her math! She is more confident and less frustrated. Thanks!

My daughter wants to go back daily and is definitely excited to learn from this program. Very thankful for Mathnasium! Wish I found it sooner!!

Very very happy with my child’s progress in mathematics and the way they tutors go over the concepts with the children and help them gain confidence. Communication with parents is excellent. Chris is amazing!! Thanks Chris and the team!! Keep up the great work!!

Mathnasium of Cypress is amazing! My daughter had multiple back surgeries and was physically unable to attend school her entire junior year of high school. We sent her to Mathnasium of Cypress for honors calculus. The entire staff (especially Mitchell) was kind, patient, understanding, and, most important, competent. She fully understands the material, completed both semesters with an A, and is confident in moving forward in math. Mathnasium of Cypress not only gave her the ability to perform math but was a huge support in her healing process. We are extremely grateful.