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4132 Center Street
Deer Park, TX 77536
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Mathnasium has helped our daughter keep her math skills and grade up for several years we are very happy.

I love everything about Mathnasium. It’s hours are great, price is great, and the staff is extremely knowledgeable, patient, and kind.

After spending 7 hours a day at school, my daughter actually likes to go to Mathnasium! I try and take her 3 times a week (more if I can) and she doesn't complain!

My son now asks to go when he has difficulty in his Pre-Ap Math class. That just pretty much says it all! His grade is up, He is less stressed, we are less stressed and I no longer have to feel silly about not being able to help my 8th grader with his math homework! Thank you so very much!

Excellent experience. Very friendly. Highly recommend.

Mathnasium has been a gift to our family! My son in second grade is thriving. He feels much more independence in math class at school and he enjoys coming 4x a week.

Thanks to Mathnasium my son is doing better in school, but more importantly, he’s enjoying Math again!

Mathnasium has helped my son to be confident in solving Math problems he thought were impossible to solve. He now has a better attitude about math! Thank you.

I love it, my daughter loves it. Mathnaseium boosted her knowledge and it keeps challenging her. I tried to help her at home and having a math major myself but with this new math that they are teaching these kids. It got difficult and frustrating. Mathnaseium goes with the school curriculum as well. Hours are flexible.

Our daughter is more confident in her math class at school and she seems to be doing better with her math school work. Pleased so far with the results and we are hoping to get her to an advanced math level by the end of the school year.

Mathnasium has been integral to my sons’ math success.

Great learning experience

Love Mathnasium!! My daughter looks forward to going everyday and I definitely see her confidence improve.

Great place for fun math learning!

My daughter has greatly improved!!!!

My daughter has made great strides in math, since she started Mathnasium. If she has a problem that she did not quite understand in school, she looks forward to talking to her tutor so that they can review the steps. I believe this is truly preparing her for Jr. High School Math and pre-Algebra.

My daughter really enjoys going and the lessons are broken down for her so that she understands.

The tutors are always kind and patient with my daughter. The environment is great and she loves working for the prizes!

Ms. mary is a great and very helpful child recently started and loves it. We are happy to b part of Mathnesium.

My son, Braylon, loves going there. He has been going since he was 5 and Mrs. Mary and his other tutors have always shown him a great deal of patience and most importantly positive reinforcement. Great investment of his time and our family's money in his education and social growth.