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Mathnasium has been super fantastic during the ever changing times that this pandemic and school year have created! What a great resource for children and parents alike!

Love the online flexibility! Keeps my son engaged and excited to learn more advanced math concepts!

My son really enjoyed the atmosphere of Mathnasium. He enjoyed his tutors and learned a lot from them. This helped boost his confidence in his math class at school.

My son would not survive math without this team!!!!!

My son loves Mathnasium!

Mathnasium has helped two on my kids overcome their fear of math and excel in school. I’m not sure another program could help a student go from a C to an A in one quarter-but Mathnasium did. I also applaud them for their work to switch to an all digital platform during the COVID 19 pandemic. Even from my the instructors are able to provide one-on-one instruction. They even make it easy for us to scan and email homework that they need help with. I am so thankful for the help that they have provided to my kids.

Mathnasium has helped our son learn math skills he was convinced he could not learn.

We appreciate all the work Mathnasiuem has done with our daughter. The instructors are patient, and extremely helpful. We will highly recommend their service to our friends and family

Been only a month but going well so far. Appreciate the response to the COVID situation.

I have noticed my grandson mature & excel due from the excellent teaching skills at Mathnasium. Thank you for your help

Feedback on progress and issues they maybe having with learning, more of what’s needed to assist improving children’s ability to learn and succeed. Clear understanding of what’s happening and what to expected throughout the process.

Literally couldn't be a better place

My two children enjoy the extra math practice at Mathnasium. They are always motivated to go and its a warm friendly learning environment. Only hesitation about recommending to others is that for the price I would expect more included visits.

11th Grader - Pre-Calc 1st marking period - D 2nd marking period - B Hoping to continue the trend!

Such an amazing place for children to grow in math skills and competencies! The staff is so professional, patient and caring; the assigned work is challenging yet fun for the students, and there is no better reward then to see the confidence and skill that grows in your own student. Thank you, Mathnasium.

We had a great experience! My daughter improved dramatically in just a short amount of time. Her grades improved and so did her confidence. Highly recommend to anyone and will keep using Mathnasium.

My son has had difficulties every year prior to coming to Mathnasium. He now is sustaining almost 100% in Math in 6th grade after just being in the program since the beginning of the year. No more frustration, he loves Math and says that Mathnasium explains Math In a way that his teachers at school have not. He loves game nights and never complains about going! In fact says Mom I need to go to Mathnasium tonight! Thankyou, Mathnasium in Dunkirk!

Mathnasium is simply AMAZING! It's the best investment I have made in my two daughters' future.

Great program and staff. Very pleased. Our daughter is definitely gaining confidence in her math skills.

The program gave my son confidence that he needed . He loves working with the staff and like going all week . He now enjoys math and understands. It Thanks 😊