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Round Rock, TX 78665
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So much to love! The instructors are excellent and have a great command of math. It is an encouraging environment for the youngest learners, and the enrichment opportunity to move at a learners pace is what sets Mathnasium apart.

We love Mathnasium of East Round Rock. The directors and staff are very energetic and very friendly.The program is organized very well.I am so happy that my daughter isn’t scared about Math anymore.

I highly recommend Mathnasium to all young aspiring students. They have well-trained staffs and they are very helpful to kids. Jennifer Faulkner the owner of East Round Rock center is very friendly. My son goes to Mathnasium for a year now and he has great math skills. I couldn't believe myself that he can sit there for 1hr and focus. They also encourage kids to encash gift cards or goodies for all the merit points they earn. They do have customer appreciation breakfast events. kids had math masters team competition and winners had a party at Monster Mini Golf. The best part of Mathnasium is their flexible timing/days/catch up class that helps me plan other classes for my son. If for some reason, parents are late to pick up the child by 5mins you don't have to worry as they are kept safe in the center until parents arrive. This is just not for those kids who are struggling in maths but for those who want advanced math skills.

My daughter’s confidence has taken a boost and her math grade has improved in the four months since she’s been going to Mathnasium. The director and owner are engaged and so helpful anytime I have questions.

Solid consistent support for students needing math help or for those students wanting to get ahead for the school year. Highly recommended

We have been with mathnasium for about a year. When my sons started, he was not excited about math at all and did not do well on the STAAR. He also was not excited about mathnasium. During our year at mathnasium he earned all As in math and has now been moved to an accelerated math class. He is very excited about that and asked that he continue with mathnasium.

My 7th grade son really enjoys going to Mathnasium and the coaches there. He will actually get up early on Saturday in order to make sure he has time to go! The team really takes the time to understand his needs and go above and beyond to make sure that he gets what he needs.

Mathnasium has given my son the added confidence he needs in math and accelerated his learning ten-fold.

The teachers seem really engaged with the kids and I feel like my daughter is learning some math techniques even though she hasn’t been there very long.

All three of my daughters have attended Mathnasium this school year and it has been a blessing to our family. Each was able to increase their understanding of math and overcome the hurdles they had been facing. I would recommend Mathnasium in Round Rock to any student who is struggling with math in the classroom.

Our son was a Mathnasium student for almost 3 years and made significant progress. We are grateful to Jennifer Faulkner and her entire staff of stellar tutors for all of the great work they’ve done! Because of this experience, our son is much more confident and performs better in Math. We strongly recommend this program.

We really like the individualized support our child receives at the Round Rock East Mathnasium center.

So far, so good! He doesn't complain about going and actually asked to stay for a few more minutes so he could get in an extra page. The reward system works great!

And first my son was dreading having to do more school work outside of school but he hadn't even gone a full month and he's already improved in his math grades at school on top of the fact that he told me she really didn't mind going to the mathunasium

Mathnasium has fostered great improvement in math grades, but more importantly, great improvement in my student’s confidence in his math skills.
Response From Mathnasium of East Round Rock
December 12, 2018
We love that you have benefited from our program, and thanks for sharing your family experience for others to see firsthand what our center has to offer.

Great staff! My son has more confidence.

My child appreciates it that the instructors interact with him in an age-appropriate manner, he likes it that they recognize his level of maturity. He also likes feeling successful as he masters a math topic.

I have a 2nd grader and a 6th grader and both of my kids love Mathnasium! They like the individual attention they get in the small groups. They also like the fun game nights and competitions they have on occasion. I love how they individualize the learning for each student! We would recommend Mathnasium to anyone looking to help their child catch up in school and to keep their child challenged and advance their learning.

Very flexible hours and fun environment.

In 6 months we have advanced two grade levels. My son enjoys every session and told me the other day he wants to be a math teacher when he grows up! I would highly recommend for kids that may be struggling as well as for kids that have strength in math already.