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My girls were average students in math and have started attending in October and can’t wait to go!!

My son loves going to Mathnasium!! The instructors are wonderful and he is now very excited about math. Thank you!

Your Mathnasium is a wonderful tool for my daughters math. The only issue she has is that the poorly behaved kids get the most attention. (The ones who yell DONE when finished with a sheet, etc.) Sometimes she feels as though she is ignored.

We have been coming to Mathnasium for 4 years and my son loves it! He likes being able to stay ahead of his class and makes the homework and test experience much easier! We have over 5 friends who have joined.

Really caters and customizes to student’s schedule and learning needs. Not only will they work on problem/struggling ares of content, they help with school homework, study for tests. When there’s schedules conflicts with extracurricular activities or changes on school test dates, they readily accommodate schedule switches. This is probably site specific. My experience is with Elmhurst location. Overall, they have been such a great support and resource!

Are you open on Veterans Day?

Everyone there is amazing!!! Thank you so much for working with my daughters. I remember everyday doing homework with them and all the crying because they didn’t understand. Know they actually enjoy doing MATH and no more tears. Also the time and patience you spend with them is great. Thank you for sharing your knowledge. So happy with your program, Muna Kari

Everyone at the Elmhurst office is amazing! My daughter is extremely happy, she is learning & is truly getting more excited about math everyday! Thank you all for all you do!

My kid's love it! The staff is wonderful.

My son has had such a positive experience that he now wants to attend for fun.

The Mathnasium Method allowed my son Reed to finally connect with Math after years of struggling. I can't say enough wonderful things about the program and the Elmhurst staff! The program starts where your child is at, teaching specifically to their gap areas in each grade level, and then assesses their knowledge of concepts through mastery checks until 100% mastery is achieved at each grade level! I took my son out of math classes at his high school, sent him to Mathnasium instead and that year his MAP scores improved in all areas. Mathnasium works-it's worth every dollar, quarter, dime, nickel and penny!

Great team at Mathnasium-Elmhurst. My sons are so much more confident in their math skills.

My daughter started towards the end of March- by the time May rolled around she was already using more math terms in her everyday language and was earning better scores on her tests at school. We are thrilled with this program. We plan on the continuation of the program into the next school year.

Great staff. Great place.

The first evaluation of your child math knowledge; pin points and determines where your child’s specific program curriculum will target. The curriculum is then reiterating where your child’s knowledge had not solidified and allows the child to gain complete mastery of that default. Then the next step once your child has mastered his past grade level in math, the curriculum will take your child through his present grade and then forward. Advancing your child’s math knowledge with all skills appropriate for further achievements in the higher math levels. The Elmhurst staff: Jen and Jon were just so nice, professional and accommodation ing. Thank you, from a very happy parent. Tondrea Bouchelion

Good experience, good results, nice staff

My son loves mathnasium.

My 4th grade daughter went from, "I'm not good at Math." To "Math is fun!" in just ten sessions... actually in probably three. With the small group learning, she was allowed to be silly while also learning tricks that made math easier to do. The binder format allowed her and me, her Mom, to understand very clearly what goals she was working toward and how far she had come in such a short period of time.

We love mathnasium! It helped our son tremendously! If it wasnt for the high cost we would do it indefinetly!

My child is disappointed on the days that she does not have a session at Mathnasium. I was having a difficult time explaining a particular concept to her, so I sent her homework with her to Mathnasium. She came home very excited because she had mastered the skill with her tutor. Her understanding of math concepts and their relationship has improved significantly after only one month of sessions.