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The Staff at Mathnasium are wonderful. My son was struggling with math. We met with Reggie and he calmly reassured us that they could help him with math. They did more than just help him with math, they helped him with his confidence and with his ability to work through it and do well. I am so grateful we found Mathnasium and I highly recommend it to both parents and struggling math students.

They are professional, effect and patient. Delivering kindness everyday.

The Mathnasium staff is very patient and helpful and they create a safe and comfortable learning environment for kids! All their staff have been a pleasure to work with!

My daughter, Alaire, is always more than happy to go to Mathnasium. No fights in our house over math! She has kept a consistent A grade since going for a few years. She loves all the instructors! She even makes thoughtful gifts when it’s time for an instructor to move on. It’s worth the money knowing she is not missing anything as she progresses with each grade level. We only have positive things to say about Mathnasium and Reggie! Thank you! Even through the corona virus...she is now doing her classes online with them. Yet, we do look forward to being back in the actual building!! But they made it work!! Go Mathnasium!!

We have two kids who attend Mathnasium, a third grader and a Kindergartener. They both love it and ask when they get to go to Mathnasium. I asked my older one what about Mathnasium she like, and she said it was how the teachers are always available to help and explain things in different ways. I've seen how the teachers interact with the students, with patience and compassion. My oldest is very self-motivated, but my Kindergartener needs more help, and the teachers always find ways to engage her. The rewards-based system helps both internally and externally motivated children. I would whole-heartedly recommend Mathnasium both for students who are struggling and those who just want to do more math.

These individuals are walking miracles! They teach my daughter at her level, and never make her feel inadequate. They have such empathy and patience with her, I can’t be thankful enough! Thank you all for helping my daughter’s confidence rise! We are forever grateful!

Even though a pandemic, I'm continuing to get top-notch help with my Calculus. Thanks Mathnasium!!!

My son looks forward to going every week.

I really appreciated Reggie coming to connect on our son's progress. He does not fit the normal behind in math, but has trouble remembering some of the steps. So he needs slightly different help and to help focus on his math homework is most beneficial.

My daughter has never been good at math......... Similar story for most folks who attend Mathnasium I am sure. I can only attest to her self confidence and her grades. In an Era where schools are the focus of so much politically charged debates revolving around how best to educate our children, I believe that Mathnasium has filled in the gaps where our local school has left a gap. She now is getting A to A+ on her tests, confident in her subject matter and ready to attend a tougher chapter in her life..... Jr. High. That said, Mathnasium is a blessing and more so, they are a value that can be assessed in their approach to math based learning leading to confident and successful students. If your kid needs help, they have the solution to your problem.

Our daughter loves going to Mathnasium! The instructors are friendly, calm, and it is a safe environment. She is learning, and more importantly, she enjoys learning while she is there. She leaves there feeling excitement and empowerment from her newfound abilities and skills! Thank you!

Our boy is doing much better in his math...already. He loves coming to do his math

Mathnasium’s wonderful and knowledgeable staff have been so helpful to my daughter’s progress, growth, confidence and understanding in math. My daughter has been able to tackle her college algebra class with pretty good grades so far and if there’s anytime that she still struggles to understand certain math lessons, the mathnasium staff is always ready to help her. So very glad and blessed to have Mathnasium! When we have friends with kids that struggle with math, we always are happy to refer them to Mathnasium. Thank you, Reggie Kellum and Mathnasium!

Mathnasium in ft Collins has been nothing but a absolute help to me as a parent and our boys involved in mathnasium. The tutors are fantastic and mathnasium has truly made every effort to help us with tailored programs and we orking with our schedule. I would hands down recommend Mathnasium of ft Collins!

We have had two daughters (8 years apart) go to Mathnasium and both have shown tremendous growth and have learned to feel good about math. We initially signed them up (at different times in their lives) because they struggled and wanted to give up, but Mathnasium made them enjoy it. I am a school counselor and I always recommend it to parents as well.

Everyone at the center is so welcoming and goes above and beyond to make my daughter love math.

My daughter has been able to fill in so many of the gaps that she had in both Algebra and Geometry and is doing so much better in school from her increased understanding. I would highly recommend Mathnasium for any one who needs additional math help...the tutors are phenomenal!

We have noticed as our son attends bi-weekly sessions at Mathnasium his confidence has increased.

Nice work environment with friendly and professional instructors who make learning fun!

Our kids have improved their understanding of math greatly. We think you do a great job!